bamboo baby booties

There. Consider it fixed.

The pattern is Saartje’s Bootees (pdf and ravelry link), and I used some leftover Panda cotton (blueberries and grapes) to make them. They’re so little and cute! And by little I mean tiiiineeee. See? Crocuses included for scale.

bamboo baby booties with crocuses

Yup, we’ve had loads more crocuses come up. I was afraid the ones I saw last week would have died a horrible gurgling death in our flooded backyard, but they look okey-dokey. Yeah, we had a load of rain earlier in the week here. I live in a river (creek?) valley too, so when it’s wet, it’s wet. I actually couldn’t get home on Tuesday night. I was at work until 9 or so, so it was dark when I drove home over those winding rural roads. I was pretty close to my house when I got stuck. The road just kind of ended. Where there should have been pavement, there was water. Three or four feet of water. I swear, it was more like a pier than a road. I got out of my car with my trusty Maglight (it comes in so handy!) and looked both ways on the road, but I could see no paved surface. Just water water, as far as I could see–which, granted, wasn’t very far. It was dark, pouring, and foggy. I sat in my car for a bit, mostly in denial. I really wanted to go home. But as I didn’t really see myself becoming a headline in the local paper (Knitting Grad Student Swept Away in Flood! Really, What Was She Thinking?), I managed a three-point turn on the scant strip of exposed gravel and headed back into town. My poor MIL. She got a slightly hysterical call at 10 pm. Of course she was wonderful and said yes of course I could stay there! And was there anything she could do? She’s the bee’s knees, my MIL. I was slightly hysterical since I couldn’t get a hold of the blub, who was asleep. He’s a really really heavy sleeper. Also, there was a huge puddle of water on the passenger side floor of my car because it was leaking, and also my headlights kept dimming. It was…disconcerting. And then, when I got to my in-laws’ house, I realized I didn’t even have any knitting with me! Not a good night, all in all. But everything’s okay now, except kind of a funny smell from the floor of my car. I need to get it cleaned.

Okay. Enough babble. It’s Friday. Here’s what I’ve been


…for about 20 minutes. Then I told the blub, “I’m going to go sit by the fire and knit.” He laughed and guffawed through the rest of the movie. I guess it’s a guy thing.


Listening to. Don’t dreeeeeem it’s over! Love that song.

So this Sunday is Easter, and the blub’s brother and his kids are coming for a visit. We’re going to dye Easter eggs on Saturday! Squee! It’ll be so much fun. And also since it’s Easter, I have to post my favorite chocolate bunny cartoon, from Signs of the Times.


Hee! Have a good weekend, everybody.