It is madness to knit mittens in March. It’s almost spring–when will you ever wear the buggers? But nonetheless I did it, and nonetheless I’ve already gotten some wear out of them.



The widdle fiddleheads!
Pattern: The fiddlehead mittens, by Adrian Bizilia
Yarn: Rowan Harris Tweed 4-ply, herring (background); Lana Grossa Meilenweit, some dusky tealy blue; STR lightweight, jade; Claudia Hand painted, grape jelly; Lorna’s Laces Shepherd sock, poppy; STR lightweight, sunstone.
Needle: US 2
Started: March 8
Finished: March 16
For: me
Mods: knitted with smaller weight yarn, didn’t do lining.

mitten cuffs

Oh yeah, I also added an I-cord edging. At least I think it’s an I-cord edging. I just kind of made it up as I went along, but I have a feeling that many people have done this one before. :) When I was done with the mittens, they were a little short. So I picked up some stitches at the bottom and knit two rows. Then I broke the yarn, cast on 3 stitches, and did some I-cording. When I got to the last stitch, I just knit it together with a live stitch from the mitten. I repeated this all the way around and wah-la! Edging. I did it with two colors to make it zee perfect length. At first I didn’t like it, but now I do. I think it compliments the I-cord cast on nicely, don’t you?

mittens 3

In other mod news, I didn’t knit the linings because they wouldn’t have fit if I did. These are perfect for me now. Plus, since I knit them in fingering weight, they’re kind of light. Springtime mittens, if you will. I totally love the idea of linings, though, and plan to incorporate them into maybe some other mittens. Real winter mittens.

mitten tops

The only other “mod” I made was arsing up the pattern on one of the tops. And then I accidentally took a picture of it. The amazing thing was, I screwed it up on both sides. In different ways. That takes some kinda talent!

mittens thumbs

And I don’t really have much more to say about them, except that I 100% absolutely and totally love them. The pattern was fan-freakintastic and very fun to knit. I didn’t find any errors. And it was very clearly written.

mittens 2

Oh yeah, I remembered one more thing. A few people have asked me if I planned this out, did the gauge and figured hand size and all that crap. My answer? Nope. I just started knitting. I didn’t think about it at all. And they fit! Perfectly!

Life works out pretty well sometimes, doesn’t it?