Yes, I am SO EVIL! It was a good joke, no? I am sorry if I made anybody sad, though. The funny thing is, *I* started getting all sad when I was writing that post. And after I hit “publish” I was downright depressed. I guess I got into the spirit a little too much. But honestly, everything I said was true (well, excepting all the stuff that wasn’t). You guys ARE really important to me, and I DO cherish your comments and emails, and it DOES make blogging really fun. So yeah. Most of it wasn’t actually bullshit. But, my adviser is really happy with my work right now, so I don’t have to worry about that at least. Finishing, yes. Making my boss happy, not so much.

So. I told the blub all about the joke I played yesterday, and he said I am a Very Bad Person. But I think he was just mad because of the joke I played on him. Want to hear it? Okay!

Background: the blub is a super heavy sleeper. I can stand at the end of our bed and scream his name at the top of my lungs and he won’t wake up. This is not an exaggeration. I have really done it several times.

He is also mostly bald.

a typical picture of Nels

And so photogenic!

Anyway, so. Monday night I waited for him to go to bed. He did. Then I waited about 10 minutes or so and went upstairs, a Sharpie in my pocket. I turned on the bedside light, and waited. He didn’t stir. I pushed down on the pillow below his head (thankfully he was sleeping on his side). He didn’t stir. So I uncapped my little friend and carefully wrote “WASH ME” across the crown and back of his head. Still no stirring. I blew on it for a bit, then turned off the light and went downstairs. Heh heh heh. Mission accomplished.

Unfortunately, I did not get a picture of this. About 10:30 Tuesday morning, I went down to the restaurant, camera in tow. When I appeared in the kitchen, all the guys back there started cracking up. But there was nothing on Nels’ head! He had taken the directions literally, I guess. I had thought that he wouldn’t have been able to get it all off, but he did. Hmph. So no picture. But I guess Nels didn’t believe the first guy who told him about it. Hee! He thought that guy was playing a joke on him. But when someone else said the same thing, the gig was up. And he washed it off. Oh well. It was still pretty funny! I think at least. He thought it was funny too, but then the pancakes I ordered came in the shape of a devil head with its tongue sticking out. I usually get teddy bears or happy faces. And he made me promise last night before he went to sleep that I wouldn’t write anything on his head. No problem! “Sure, sweetie!” I said, “I won’t write anything on your head tonight!”

*evil grin*

But next time, I’ll get a picture right after I do it. Give me a few days. Gotta earn back the trust.

And speaking of earning back the trust, I do have some knitting for you! I’ve had a bit of startitus, so I think I have 5 or so WIPs right now. Pics soon, when it stops being all nasty and rainy and grey here. I guess that means sometime in May.

And you guys do know I love you, right? Big smoochy smoochy poogly oogly wuv!

No joke. :)