Hi ho there. Just another rainy Friday post. It has been raining buckets and loads and drachms around here. In fact, all the little feeder creeks around my house? They go into Lake Monroe, and from there the water flows into the White River. Well, ye old White River is approx 5 feet above flood stage right now, so they’ve got the dike at Lake Monroe all closed up. Which means the water by me Ain’t. Going. Nowhere. It’s really odd to see water in a creek standing still, but there you are. And if you’re in a boat, there you’ll stay.


So I’m a bit behind on my Friday posts. So you get multiples today. Curb your enthusiasm, kiddos.

Here’s what I’ve been

The Devil’s Arithmetic (Excellent and sad and horrifying and riveting. This book will strip you down to your soul. And it’s a kids’ book.)
One for the Money
Three to get Deadly
Uncle Fred in the Springtime
Smoke and Mirrors
The Opinionated Knitter (glued to it, in fact)

(loved it!)
Prime (okay–funny in spots)

Listening to
Sticks and String
(I do heart this one–I gave a bunch of other knitting podcasts a try but this was the only one that stuck.)
Radio Lab (of course)
Bob Wills
The New Orleans Klezmer All-Stars
June Carter Cash
Kristen Hersh

And that’s all the news that’s fit to print. Oh yeah, and here’s a picture of Oscar

Oscar no longer napping

just because I don’t like pictureless posts. And because he’s cute.

Have a good weekend everybody! Stay dry, if you’re by me.