After my large dose of fiber over the weekend, that is.

Yup and uh-huh! The gals from my knitting group and I traversed up to Greencastle, IN on Saturday to attend THE FIBER EVENT! And of course, I’m the last one to blog about it (see Huan-Hua’s, Kalani’s, Nicole’s, and Elli’s posts). In fact, Huan-Hua’s already spun up her fiber purchases. I feel like a slacker, here. But hey, since then I’ve cleaned my house, done my taxes, held a review session for an upcoming exam, went to dinner at my in-laws’ house (all yesterday), been arguing with my boss (very very time consuming), writing an exam, and teaching for three hours (today). I’ve been busy. That reminds me, did I eat? Not important. Anyway.

felted indiana

There’s the hallowed place, right by the star. It was quite easy to find, due to that unusual landmark. Couldn’t miss it! It was about an hour-ish drive for us, and I must say I was very well behaved in the car. I think I only elbowed Kalani once. And we saw lambs! None gambling, but they were still cute.

(By the way, yes that is a large felted Indiana. It was outside one of the alpaca booths, so I’m assuming that it’s alpaca. Made with a highly competent hand, I must say.)

It was chilly and occasionally spitting rain, but there was WOOL. EVERYWHERE. It was very distracting. In fact, our little group got split up soon after we infiltrated the outdoor booths. I remember looking up and only being able to locate Huan-Hua. And then we heard bleating! So we wandered toward the source and found sheep shearing!

sheep being shorn

A sheep getting naked.


Some poor woman learning how to shear. The sheep was highly reluctant (I want some butts!).

reluctant sheep

Yes, sheepie. This too shall pass.


Sheepies in a pen.

Huan-Hua got some great video of it (here and here), with the spectacular ovine soundtrack. See if you can a) spot my ass’s cameo and b) hear the child-like conversation in the background. I can only make out bits of a high-pitched voice, but that was this little boy, who was maaaybe 6, telling me all about how sheep eat people. He kept putting his arm in the pen, shrieking, and snatching it out whenever a sheep would come near. I guess he was expecting to pull back a stump instead of an arm.

After we had our fill of watching sheep lose their dignity, we wandered over to the other outdoor booths and found the rest of our group. We also found a new friend.

I think it was a llama

It looked like it wanted to give Kalani a kiss, but dangit if I was too slow at the shutter to capture that. It’s a llama. I think. I always get them and alpacas confused.

After that we got really cold, so we wandered into the indoor vendor parts, where we saw a New England Braiding Machine;

new england braiding machine

Those yellow and blue things were spinning around. Really fast.

A really really long table full of fleeces;

table o fleece

(it was really long–no one shot could contain the enormity of this table)

table o fleece 2

And lots of angora bunnies.



racer bunny

Just in case you forgot where we were. Yeah. Indiana.

Here’s a close-up of one of the fleeces.

brown and fleecy

They were waiting to be judged. I asked an official-looking guy in blue what merits they were judged on, but he didn’t really know. He just raised them, he said. “But I think it has to do with staple length and depth,” he admitted. So I sank my hand into one of the fleeces. It was, um. Squidgy. My hand came out dripping with lanolin. I made sure to wash my hands before I ate anything, which wasn’t until I got home. Cuz this was the type of food we were offered.


Um, yeah. Thanks, but no thanks.

All in all, I had a fantabulous time!

yay us

L to r: Nicole, Huan-Hua, Kalani, me (dang, I’m short), Blogless Norma, and Elli.

I think we all did.

Wanna see what we got?

spoils of the day

That’s everybody’s, by the way. Except Elli’s. She drove up separately. The stuff on the very right is mine. Here’s a sneaky peek.

more yarn

And that's all you'll get, since it was all rainy and dark the only chance I had to take pictures. So you have to wait. But I must say, I surprised even myself with what I bought. No sock yarn! And...I got some other stuff. But not telling yet.

Aren't you intrigued? Aren't you curious? Aren't I evil?


See ya...