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robot 2

I, Robot, am done

Chemgrrl’s rockin’ red robot
Pattern: Robot, from Jess Hutchison’s Unusual Toys for you to Knit and Enjoy
Yarn: Plymouth Encore Worsted, a bit of red, yellow, and orange
Needle: KP options, US 6
Started: April 15th
Finished: March 20th
For: The nephew of E

Meh. That’s all I really have to say about this project. Meh. Oh yeah, and I hate intarsia. It sucks and I suck at it. See?

robot's crappy intarsia

Plus I need to repaint my fence.

So yeah, I’m glad that’s done. So both niece and nephew gifts are finished and in my MIL’s closet. Nels thought he wouldn’t remember to gift them at the appropriate time, so I gave them to someone who would. :)

In other news, tomorrow’s the day. Yup, I’m leaving on a jet plane. I’ll be back next Wednesday, but then in the wee hours of Thursday morning begins the Great Cross-Continental Road Trip of 08! (Aka California Or Bust–but I’m kind of worried about the busting part. Like, the car busting. Or combusting.) We’re driving straight through to my little bro’s house in Denver, which is ummmmm about 14 hours from here. Please wish me luck and godspeed. Cuz the blub’s doing the driving and I’m doing the try-not-to-go-stir-crazying. I have much more faith in his ability to get his job done than I have in mine.

At least I’ll have knitting.

It’s a girl it’s a girl it’s a girl it’s a girl it’s a girl it’s a girl!

Oh, the baby’s not born yet. But remember how I’ve been bitching about my SIL’s soon-to-be baby and how the uncooperative little thing wouldn’t roll over for the ultrasound? Well, she did! And she’s a she! So that means that I can finally start Babette! Shit!

Shit because I CANNOT take all that fraging yarn with me. Do you remember the state of my yarn bucket? There’s NO WAY any thing else is going in there. Although I did get all that fiber in. And some other stuff. But it’s really really packed tight now. Really no more. Really. Really!

Okay, so here’s what I’m going to do. EZ’s February baby sweater now–and I’ve been dying to make one of these. I even had the perfect yarn in my stash–Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sport. I’ve been hanging onto two skeins of sage for practically forever, and now they have a use!

Baby sweater

Except I forgot to put the buttonholes in. Oh hell, I’ll fix it later.

Then I’m going to knit a dolly for when the baby arrives. I’ve been wanting to knit one of these for a bit too, but Niece E is too old for that now (almost 8!) and HG, who’s four, doesn’t do dolls. Well dammit, her little sister will. So I’ve got to get some yarn for that. Which I guess I’ll have to shove in my suitcase. Crap.

Then–Babette for Christmas. I didn’t give Baby J his blankie until his first Christmas. So this baby won’t be any different. That give me loads of time. Er, right? I’m coming back in August. I can start it then.

But here’s what I’ve amassed so far:

Babette colors with cat

Hmm, some rounding out definitely needs to occur. I’m not sold on the red. And I need some bright greenish color (not sure about the one that’s there–too dark, methinks). And some turquoise–but I swear I had some. What the heck did I do with that? And maybe I want to go in the pink direction. I do dearly love that berry color in the middle–I’d been eyeing that at my LYS for ages, until I saw one day that they only had two skeins left! That LYS is not very consistent with their offerings so I snatched it up, thinking if I didn’t use it for Babette I could make socks with it. Now I’m damn glad I did. Love it. In fact, I’m using that as my main color. Everything else has to match that yarn.

And you know what? I might be able to fit in some more yarn after all. I just remembered that I took out that pink fiber because I spun part of it up. (Like the new spindle!) But then I had to stop because some bizarre bug bit me in the right arm and it swelled up like crazy and it hurts to use that arm too much. Plus I keep whacking it on stuff, so that doesn’t help. It’s getting better, though. The swelling’s gone down quite a bit, so maybe I can spin some more tonight. And maybe I can visit the yarn store on the way home.

Yes? They’re open today, right? Please someone say right. I have yarn to buy!

The last few days can be summarized by the following:


First of all, I got lots of fun things in the mail.

roving 2

Ahhh, yes. The much coveted roving has arrived. About two weeks ago, Turtlegirl showed the most beautiful singles on her blog. I needed it. I had to have it. (So much that I practically tackled her in the comments, as you can see if you scroll down on that link.) She very graciously tracked down the dyer for me and viola! Roving on my doorstep. It took a bit because the color I wanted, Rose Garden (the looped one), was out of stock. But the dyer made some more for me and sent it along. And while I was at her etsy shop, I had to get more. How could I resist, really? So the second (the flat one) came home to me, too. It’s Autumn Fire. Check out the picture of the finished yarn! Dang. Now them’s some pretty colors.

So I have lots of fiber now, but I didn’t have anything to spin it on (excepting the toy wheel spindle that Aimee lent me, but I have to give that back). So Annie told me she’d give me her spindle, since spinning didn’t really take with her. I got a box that had all this in it on the same day I got the above roving.


Not just a beautiful Ashford Classic Drop Spindle, but roving to practice on as well! As soon as I got this out of the box, I put it together and gave it a whirl. It spins forever. Seriously, it just keeps going and going and going. It was so fun to play with that I sat there on the floor for about a half and hour, just spinning it. Then the blub came in and asked me what the heck I was doing with a spindle and no fiber. Men! They just sometimes really know how to rain on a girl’s parade, ya know? But I got perked up again when I dove back in the box and found this.


Noro sock yarn! Annie, you sneaky little vixen! Thank you so so so much for the goodies. You rule the school. And make the boys drool. And duel with cruel mules…okay, enough. I’m grateful, you get the point. :)

(Oh yeah, and I got my package from the Ravelry store too. It was a Good Mail Day.)

So now my main problem is, how the heck am I going to fit all of this stuff in the Great Yarn Bucket?

the yarn bucket

That’s what going with me to California. It’s already…well, bursting. And NOW I have to pack all that fiber in, too! I just hope it doesn’t explode when I’m driving through Nevada and cause me to lose control of the car and smash into a tree. Oh wait, there aren’t any trees in Nevada. So I’ll smash into a cactus or a guy riding a motorcycle with those ridiculously high handlebars or something. Whatever. My point is, it may cause problems. Maybe I should just get a bigger yarn bucket…

Actually, I think that may be the answer. Because I also have to pack some more yarn I can use for mittens. Why Chemgrrl whatever for, you ask? For this.

Magnificent  Mittens

Ayup. I tracked down a copy of this illusive and out-of-print book. (Thank you, Interlibrary Loan!) And all I can say about it is Holy Farging Wow. This book is AMAZING. And I now have about 20 mitten patterns I want to knit. Here are some of my favs.

best mittensflowery mittensscrolly mittenspretty mittensb&w mittenspill like mittens

I’m not so sure I’m into those big skirty-type cuff things. Although, that’s what I like about that last one–the cuff design. Are you squeeing along with me? So. Pretty. Of course, there are loads more patterns in this book–about 30, I think? I don’t remember. But there’s really a pattern for everyone in here! Kids, women, men, people who live near nuclear power plants…

two thumb mittens

No, your eyes are not deceiving you–those mittens really do have two thumbs each. Supposedly, these are traditional mittens for Swedish fishermen who wear out their thumbs quickly. So if they keep turning the mittens around and around, they’ll have less wear. I’m not sure I buy that. I think it’s maybe so nobody will steal their mittens, instead. Cuz you’d certainly know that these were yours. Or maybe they could be dog sweaters for legless chihuahuas. Or buntings for baby dolls. They *do* certainly stimulate the imagination.

As does the rest of this book. I’ll have so much to do for the next couple of months! And I have so much to do now. T minus SIX days and counting. I leave for Washington DC on the 29th (going there first for orientation and to see my big brother and the kids for a few days). I come back home on June 4th, then the blub and I pack into the car and make for Southern Cali on June 5th. So I need to finish packing! EEEEEE!

But first I have to go fondle my pretty fiber again. THEN I’ll pack. Yeah. :)

Olivia the bear

It’s true. She only has a bit of fluff in there.

Pattern: Otto, by Ysolda Teague
Yarn: Henry’s Attic Inca Cotton, 1 skein (with bunches left over)
Needle: KP Options in US 6
Started: May 5
Finished: May 20
For: my niece for her 8th birthday (in July)
Rav it here.

Oh dear. I had no idea that this would come out so cute and endearing. I mean, look at her! She’s so soft and huggable! I purposefully didn’t stuff her so much so she would be squarshy, but I think I outdid myself.

Olivia in the herbs

A bear in its natural habitat–the herb garden (ten points if you know what movie from which that was twisted).

Maybe I should say that Ysolda outdid herself. I think I should buy stock in her patterns. As usual, the pattern was very well written and intuitive to follow. Otto is constructed in a very similar way to Elijah–you knit the head, stuff it, close it up, then pick up stitches and knit down the body. Otto is a little different after this, because you knit a crotch gusset and the legs as part of the main body (not separate as in Elijah). The arms are picked up separately, as are the ears. Then ta da! You are done. Well, after the embroidery of the eyes and nose, that is.

Olivia's nose

The nose was a little bit of an episode. As you can see if you go look at these projects in Ravelry, some people are having a problem with the nose looking too long. I kind of did, too. But I fixed it. I did knit the nose as written, but I hardly put any stuffing in there at all. It ended up kind of looking like a platypus shovel nose that way. (omg! platypuses are so friggin cute! I want one! Think it’d get along with the cats?) Then, before I embroidered the nose on with satin stitch, I sewed down the pointy ends sideways to make it more rounded and squished. Does that make sense? Damn me for not taking a ‘before’ shot. Anyway, then I put the nose on. It’s kind of a roundy nose instead of a triangle nose, but I like it. Plus I ripped it out about sixty times, so the nose you see is the nose where I ran out of patience. Eh, whatever. It’s cute. From the side you can kind of see where I putzed with it.

Olivia's profile

Yeah, remember when I was complaining about knitting this? As usual, I’m an idiot. Love. Her. And I hope my niece will too.

another Olivia

I’m betting she will. :)

How do you write blog posts? Do you just sit in front of the computer and tap away? Or do you have to wait for inspiration to strike? Personally, I belong firmly in the second camp. To be able to write well (or, not really crappy, but I guess that’s a matter of opinion), I have to have a little voice dictating in my head, telling me what to say. Normally, in everyday life, this doesn’t happen. I mean, I don’t walk around basically talking to myself in my head. (Er, most of the time.) But when I’m trying to write, that needs to happen. And I’ve realized lately that it hasn’t been happening. Why? I’ve been so preoccupied with my upcoming trip (I leave in a week and a half–eeeeek) that I haven’t had quiet space in my brain to think, and therefore talk to myself. Hence, I’ve been writing really blah blog posts. Now, please understand that this isn’t a self-centered plea for compliments. Seriously, my writing has been complete poo, in my own opinion. So sorry, kind of. But sort of not. You guys can choose to read or choose not to read. It’s up to you. But whatever. Enough whining, let’s look at some yarn. Dammit.

Here’s the Noro sock that I got a couple of weeks ago.

noro sock

It seemed rough in the ball, so I skeined it up and popped it in the wash. Seeing it that way has really struck me how god damned pretty this yarn is.

noro sock 2

It also makes a smashing coif.

bear with hair

Ah yes, that brings me to the other reason I’ve been sorta silent lately. That’s my Otto, or Olivia as I’ve tentatively named her. She’s for my soon-to-be-eight-year-old niece, for her next birthday. As cute as Olivia is, I find I’m not particularly enjoying knitting her. I think it’s the Inca cotton on smaller-than-I-should-be-knitting-this-yarn-with needles. My hands, they say ouch. They say ouch mightily. She’s no longer an armless wonder–I took this picture yesterday morning and have gotten through one and a half arms since then. Thank friggin god! I can’t wait to be finished with her.

The other thing I’m knitting right now is the robot for my nephew. Again for the birthday. It’s intarsia (barf) with acrylic (double barf) on similarly smaller-than-I-should-be-knitting-this-yarn-with needles (triple barf!). He’s almost done, actually. I need to find small enough safety eyes to make him not look perpetually surprised. Or tripping. I’m having a bit of trouble with that though, so the top of robot’s head remains open to the world. Maybe I’ll pop over to JoAnn’s tonight so I can finish the bloody thing.

It’s really sad, that all of the knitting that I’m doing right now feels like chores. And I guess it kind of is–I’m trying to finish up kid birthday presets before I leave so that Nels just has to gift them when the time is right. I’m really anxious to start on something else, especially since I’ve packed the yarn I’m taking with me to California and it’s So. Pretty. Can we say silk? Can we say drool? Can we say two full days in the car? Yeah, baby. I’ve also (on a sad note) recently found out that one of Nels’ aunts has been diagnosed with breast cancer. She’s already had an operation to remove two lumps and is going to have to do some radiation therapy, but the doctors said they got all of the bad tissue and they think she’ll make a full recovery. So that’s good. Regardless, I’m going to start a Shedir for her ASAP out of some Rowan Calmer that orata is wonderfully and nicely swapping with me. So I’m champing the bit to start on that. So the sooner I get these $^*&@*% toys done, the better. And that’s that.

Wow. For someone with not much to say, I sure talk a lot.

Actually, there’s not even that much corn where I live, in the southern part of the state. But people tend to believe that all people that live here shuck corn all day with their overalls rolled up to their knees and a straw hat perched on the backs of their heads.

NOT TRUE! Sometimes we fish or hunt for mushrooms instead of shucking corn.

And sometimes, we go to museums. Specifically, we go to the Indiana State Museum, which is currently hosting the Radical Lace and Subversive Knitting show. In fact, this exhibit in Indianapolis is the first time it has been shown outside of New York. Ha! Put that in your corn cob pipe and smoke it. In order to be privy to this spectacle, orata and I nipped up there on Saturday to see what we could see.

And this is what we saw. (Please forgive the yellowy pictures. No flashes allowed, and it was kinda dark in there.)

craft kills

This knitted dude was taller than I am! Although that’s not really saying much. Apparently, it’s a nod to the banning of knitting needles on airplanes. It’s kind of creepy–it’s got toes and everything. Eeesh.

skull doily

I think this was my favorite piece. Beautiful crocheted doily! Kickass cool skulls! I wish they had the pattern available…

skulls and doily close up

More skulls. Rock. On.

lace and car parts

This piece was old car parts and lacy bits, made out of more car parts. I did very much like the industrial rusty-ness of it. Decomposing and delicate, all at the same time.

newspaper garments

This stuff was knitted out of newspaper strips. Somehow, I have a feeling those socks wouldn’t be very long wearing.

lead bear

A teddy bear knitted from lead. What more could a kid ask for?

dollar bill dress

Orata admiring the dollar bill dress. It was knitted out of something like $894? I don’t remember the exact number, but this piece was I think my second favorite. It was a nice dress. The train is lovely, don’t you think?

latex lace

This piece was a huuuuuge sheet of latex, with the lace pattern cut out with an exacto knife. Holy crap! I get a crick in my neck just thinking about that. I wonder how long it took the artist to finish those (there were three panels).

it sucks

In case you can’t read the middle of this Shetland lace shawl, it says “IT SUCKS.” The artist (who didn’t even knit the thing, by the way) was alluding to the plight of the women of the Shetland isles, who had to knit shawls to make a living however many years ago. That’s all fine and good (meaning I agree), but the placard thing on the wall said she was also referring to motherhood and having babies in general. Maybe she meant at that time, because I imagine that it DID suck, having no birth control and no way of earing your own money (excepting knitting) and basically having no control over your own life. But if she meant that it sucked now, I’ll have to disagree. Granted, I have no first hand knowledge of the thing, not having any children of my own, but I know a lot of women who believe that being a mom is just peachy friggin keen, and I also know many who think it’s the best thing that ever happened to them, my own mother included. (Hi Mom! Happy Mother’s Day yesterday! I love you!) So I really hope that it’s that former meaning, not the latter, or I’m going to be kinda pissed at that artist. Yeah, I’m sure she cares.

So that was the show. Orata and I were both disappointed on how small it was. Just one tiny room! Oh well, I guess we should be happy that there was a show in a museum about knitting at all, even though it seemed to focus on the “lace” thing more than the “knitting.” We did do some other stuff at the museum, like look at the quilt show and a bunch of kind of creepy stuffed animals (taxidermy stuffed, not cute toy stuffed). We also saw a really cool children’s choir, a scary old lady dressed up like Raggedy Ann, and a bluegrassy/old time band made up of five teen aged boys who were singing a song that went, “I like bananas, because they have no bones!” We also went to lunch in the L.S. Ayres Tea Room at the museum, which I would NOT recommend. Very long wait, very crappy food. Oh well. Onward and upward.

After we extricated ourselves from the restaurant, we popped over to the Mass Ave Knit Shop. (Just minutes from the museum!) Orata had never been there, so I said what the hell! Twist my arm. I’ll go.

I was very pleased to see that her reaction to the place was exactly the same as mine the first time I was there. She stopped just inside the door, her eyes got all wide, and she said in an awe-inspired voice, “It’s so big!” Yup, it sure is. I had vowed not to buy anything, but I simply could not pass this up.

scottish tweed dk

Rowan Scottish Tweed DK, one each of Thistle and Sunset. Fifty percent off! And I only got two. I’m thinking it will make simply spiffing mittens. My only trouble will lay in choosing a pattern. I’m smitten with both Nicole’s Baske and Elli’s Herringbone patterns. (What *is* it with people in my knitting group writing mitten patterns?) On the other hand (ha!) I still haven’t knitted the Bird in Hand mittens, which I have been jonesing to do. Ah well. The decision will come later. Now, there is much squeezing and admiring of this yarn. And, very much thanks to my cool headed companion, I didn’t come home with more. There was some green there that was to die for. So somebody do me a favor and go buy it all up, k?

Cuz I don’t have so much time to be knitting, I’ve got some corn to shuck. A whole Saturday lost! What’s a Hoosier girl to do?

Me! I did it! Me!

Through the Rav, we have a spinning group in our town. I was finally able to go this week, and with the very, very much help of the nice and wonderful Aimee, I made yarn! Sorta.

mah handspun!

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a…dog turd!

Granted, it’s not very good yarn. There are some places that are really skinny, and there are some places that are mondo huge-o. And it does slightly resemble dog doody. But hell, it’s a start. And it was fun! And…I already bought more roving. It’s being specially dyed for me, so it won’t be here for a bit, but I promise to show it off in all of its fabulous glory when it comes. About the purchase, I have just one thing to say:it was Christi’s fault. A jury would not convict me.

In other news, early spring is slowly slipping away here. Already the trees are fully leafed out. There are still a few flowers on trees here and there, but those are going bye-bye, too. I did manage to snap a pic of this baby redbud while it was still in flower. The determined little sucker is growing just about sideways from the creek bank in my front yard.


I’m going to try to transplant it into the front yard (if it gets any bigger it will be on the porch). I don’t have much experience with moving trees, though. Here’s hoping for the best.

And here are some pretty bluebells in the backyard.


Don’t bluebell leaves look like yummy and crunchy spinach leaves? I just want to eat them. NOM. They probably don’t taste the same, though.

Okay, enough spring pretties. Here’s what I’ve been

Reading (How I love the Nac Mac Feegles. Crivins!)

Listening to



So instead of our normal knitting group at the coffeehouse last night, orata invited us all over to her house to watch the EZ DVD. We only got through part of the beginner session, but it was vastly entertaining. In fact, I need to go request it so I can get it from the library when orata is done with it–BRB. Okay, yay! For me, for me. Although, I do think it was more fun to watch it in a group like we did last night. I think the best part was when EZ said that knitting with too large a needle would give you a sleazy fabric. That puzzled us. But I just looked it up, and sure enough! The first definition by Merriam-Webster is: lacking firmness of texture : flimsy. Huh. Who knew? EZ did, apparently. Is there anything she didn’t know? Probably not. :)

Okay, that’s all folks. Hopefully I’ll have some progress shots of my Otto the bear for you next week. And that fabric is knitting up to just about the polar opposite of sleazy. Prim? It is a prim fabric.

Have a great weekend!

I knit things. Here are some things that I have knit.

red robot legs

That is Senor Red Robot. He is destined to be Nephew E’s sixth birthday present. I’m trying to finish the kids’ projects before I leave for SoCal, so then the blub can just wrap and give. Nephew E’s birthday is in late June. He is about robot-aged now, wouldn’t you think? Of course it’s the Robot from the Jess Hutchinson booklet. It has intarsia on it. I don’t like intarsia much. It can get hairy.

red robot back

Especially if one refuses to use those bobbin thingies.

Don’t fret–I’ve got that all sorted out now. Senor Robot is actually done. I took that picture a few days ago. He just needs eyes. Then the sewing of the head, then the antenna. I’ll probably finish tonight. I hope so, since I got yarn today to make Niece E’s birthday present. (Her b-day is two weeks later. My SIL actually had the same due date with both of them. One came early. One came late.) I’m making her an Otto, and I think the yarn I got (Henry’s Attic Inca cotton, yes that color) will be super cool. On a stick. I’m excited about that. But really, anything would be better than casting on for the second one of these:

blub sock

I have christened these the “Kill Me With Death” socks. That is a VERY good name for them. Agagagagag they are SO BORING TO KNIT. They are for the blub socks–that picture up there is me doing the modeling, but they are uber-stretchy. They do fit him. He tried them on. He also liked them very much, which is so much the worse for him. He excitedly asked, “When are they going to be done?” I said, “Christmas.” And he thought I was kidding. Oy. Poor man.

The pattern is the slipped stitch rib from Sensational Knitted Socks (the first). The yarn is Lorna’s Laces shepherd sport, in jeans. The knitting is akin to watching paint dry. So it’s good that I have other things to distract me.

Like this! I’m trying to narrow down what yarn/projects I’m taking with me to SoCal. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

1. Green silk for Large Rectangle in Leaf and Trellis pattern
from Victorian Lace Today
2. Sea silk for Boing! (exclamation point is imperative there)
3. Fratello kit–birthday socks for the blub
4. DK weight Zephyr that I have dyed for the ubiquitous Clapotis
5. Cotton Fleece for Tubey
6. Cotton Fleece for Green Gable
7. STR lightweight for that dang sock pattern I’ve been meaning to write up for ages now. I need to re-do it, hence the re-knitting.

That’s all I’ve got right now. Is that enough? Eeek, I’d hate to run out of things to do! Although there are a lot of yarn stores around where I’ll be, so I probably don’t have to worry about that. Oh yeah, and I got some Kureyon Sock today while I was picking up that Inca Cotton. So pretty! So maybe socks out of that, too. Although I have seen some fabulous shawls and things on Ravelry out of that, so maybe lace instead. (Like this! Isn’t that gorgeous?) But it seems like I’m already taking a lot of things for lace. But lace is fun! Besides, did I mention that the blub and I are driving out there? Dude, that’s about three days in the car. That’s a lot of knitting.

So yeah, I have some deciding to do. I’m also hungry and tired and I have to pee. (Yes, you wanted to know that.) So I’m going home now. Maybe the answer will just magically float into my sleeping brain tonight.

Yeah, and maybe monkeys will fly outta my butt, too.

See ya.

(all together now)

Think I’ll take a picture from my front porch!

Okay, that doesn’t really fit in with the lyrics, but it’s true so I thought I’d say it.

view from porch

Standing on my porch, looking south.

And this is what I see as I look down.


I gots new shoeses! They are Dankso Giselles, and I heart them. I’m wearing them with my Jaywalkers today, which are pre-blog. (They date all the way back to about 2 P.B., I think. Ancient!) The yarn is Lorna’s Laces shepherd sock, lucky stripe, in case anyone is interested. And they are a tad too big in the ankle so they tend to slide south, but I don’t care. They are cheery and nice.

And speaking of socks, I thought I’d preview my first foray into my summertime lacy anklet series.

lacy anklets that are more done

That’s the first one. I’ve been working on it for a small while, now. It’s going slowly. I have done much frogging. But the yarn is holding up most fabulously to all of the rippage. I’m using STR sock candy in cherries jubilee for these. I love this yarn. Sadly, you can’t really get it anymore, except in a Baby Surprise kit from BMFA. I got it in a swap on Ravelry. I’m trying to see if I can get a pair of anklets out of only one skein–I think I’m doing pretty well so far, but I’ll keep you updated. And yes, I will be writing up the pattern when I’m done. I’m even taking notes as I go! Erm, in my head, I mean. But aren’t they cute? I think so. I also think they’ll look smashing with my new shoes. You can Rav these socks here, but it doesn’t say much yet. Just about what I said here.

So I am in a wonderful mood today. Redbuds and fun new shoes and sockies help, but that’s not really why. The REAL reason that I’m so happy is this: I’m done. The semester is OVER! Graded the finals yesterday, sat down and cut grades with my boss this morning, and he is entering them into the system right now. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! No more whiney students! No more pissy boss! (Well, pissy about the class, that is. I’m sure he’ll still be pissy about other stuff.) I will have time to do my own work now! Can I get a Woo-hoo? Hell, I’ll give myself one. WOOOOOOO-HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Whew. That felt great.

Hey! It’s Friday! Did you know that?

Here’s what I’ve been

Reading (It was kind of cute, but I thought the ending sucked.)

Watching (Pretty good–the little girl who played Paikea was awesome!)


Listening to. In my head. This has a story.

THE STORY: So I mentioned that I graded exams yesterday, right? Right. Well, there was this one kid who apparently didn’t study so much for the final. He left a note to that effect on the first page of his exam. He then went on to say, since he didn’t know most of the answers, that he was going to “Rickroll it” instead. So he did. Every time he didn’t know an answer, he wrote down one line from that bloody song. The result? It’s stuck in my head. It won’t go away. Arrugh! Thanks a lot, kid. Needless to say, he DID NOT get any points for those questions. I do tend to give points for amusing and creative answers. Like the girl on the last exam on the question about pi acceptors and pi donors in ligand field theory. She drew pictures of a guy in a chef hat holding a pie (the pi donor) and another guy holding a knife and fork (the pi acceptor). I gave her two points for that. Out of six. I do value a good sense of humor.

Um, I think that’s all I’ve got for today. Graduation is this weekend, so I think I’ll stay the hell out of town. In fact–I’m taking a day off. No working for me this Sunday. Yay! I intend to have a fabulous weekend, and I wish you all the same. Toodles.

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