Me! I did it! Me!

Through the Rav, we have a spinning group in our town. I was finally able to go this week, and with the very, very much help of the nice and wonderful Aimee, I made yarn! Sorta.

mah handspun!

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a…dog turd!

Granted, it’s not very good yarn. There are some places that are really skinny, and there are some places that are mondo huge-o. And it does slightly resemble dog doody. But hell, it’s a start. And it was fun! And…I already bought more roving. It’s being specially dyed for me, so it won’t be here for a bit, but I promise to show it off in all of its fabulous glory when it comes. About the purchase, I have just one thing to say:it was Christi’s fault. A jury would not convict me.

In other news, early spring is slowly slipping away here. Already the trees are fully leafed out. There are still a few flowers on trees here and there, but those are going bye-bye, too. I did manage to snap a pic of this baby redbud while it was still in flower. The determined little sucker is growing just about sideways from the creek bank in my front yard.


I’m going to try to transplant it into the front yard (if it gets any bigger it will be on the porch). I don’t have much experience with moving trees, though. Here’s hoping for the best.

And here are some pretty bluebells in the backyard.


Don’t bluebell leaves look like yummy and crunchy spinach leaves? I just want to eat them. NOM. They probably don’t taste the same, though.

Okay, enough spring pretties. Here’s what I’ve been

Reading (How I love the Nac Mac Feegles. Crivins!)

Listening to



So instead of our normal knitting group at the coffeehouse last night, orata invited us all over to her house to watch the EZ DVD. We only got through part of the beginner session, but it was vastly entertaining. In fact, I need to go request it so I can get it from the library when orata is done with it–BRB. Okay, yay! For me, for me. Although, I do think it was more fun to watch it in a group like we did last night. I think the best part was when EZ said that knitting with too large a needle would give you a sleazy fabric. That puzzled us. But I just looked it up, and sure enough! The first definition by Merriam-Webster is: lacking firmness of texture : flimsy. Huh. Who knew? EZ did, apparently. Is there anything she didn’t know? Probably not. :)

Okay, that’s all folks. Hopefully I’ll have some progress shots of my Otto the bear for you next week. And that fabric is knitting up to just about the polar opposite of sleazy. Prim? It is a prim fabric.

Have a great weekend!