How do you write blog posts? Do you just sit in front of the computer and tap away? Or do you have to wait for inspiration to strike? Personally, I belong firmly in the second camp. To be able to write well (or, not really crappy, but I guess that’s a matter of opinion), I have to have a little voice dictating in my head, telling me what to say. Normally, in everyday life, this doesn’t happen. I mean, I don’t walk around basically talking to myself in my head. (Er, most of the time.) But when I’m trying to write, that needs to happen. And I’ve realized lately that it hasn’t been happening. Why? I’ve been so preoccupied with my upcoming trip (I leave in a week and a half–eeeeek) that I haven’t had quiet space in my brain to think, and therefore talk to myself. Hence, I’ve been writing really blah blog posts. Now, please understand that this isn’t a self-centered plea for compliments. Seriously, my writing has been complete poo, in my own opinion. So sorry, kind of. But sort of not. You guys can choose to read or choose not to read. It’s up to you. But whatever. Enough whining, let’s look at some yarn. Dammit.

Here’s the Noro sock that I got a couple of weeks ago.

noro sock

It seemed rough in the ball, so I skeined it up and popped it in the wash. Seeing it that way has really struck me how god damned pretty this yarn is.

noro sock 2

It also makes a smashing coif.

bear with hair

Ah yes, that brings me to the other reason I’ve been sorta silent lately. That’s my Otto, or Olivia as I’ve tentatively named her. She’s for my soon-to-be-eight-year-old niece, for her next birthday. As cute as Olivia is, I find I’m not particularly enjoying knitting her. I think it’s the Inca cotton on smaller-than-I-should-be-knitting-this-yarn-with needles. My hands, they say ouch. They say ouch mightily. She’s no longer an armless wonder–I took this picture yesterday morning and have gotten through one and a half arms since then. Thank friggin god! I can’t wait to be finished with her.

The other thing I’m knitting right now is the robot for my nephew. Again for the birthday. It’s intarsia (barf) with acrylic (double barf) on similarly smaller-than-I-should-be-knitting-this-yarn-with needles (triple barf!). He’s almost done, actually. I need to find small enough safety eyes to make him not look perpetually surprised. Or tripping. I’m having a bit of trouble with that though, so the top of robot’s head remains open to the world. Maybe I’ll pop over to JoAnn’s tonight so I can finish the bloody thing.

It’s really sad, that all of the knitting that I’m doing right now feels like chores. And I guess it kind of is–I’m trying to finish up kid birthday presets before I leave so that Nels just has to gift them when the time is right. I’m really anxious to start on something else, especially since I’ve packed the yarn I’m taking with me to California and it’s So. Pretty. Can we say silk? Can we say drool? Can we say two full days in the car? Yeah, baby. I’ve also (on a sad note) recently found out that one of Nels’ aunts has been diagnosed with breast cancer. She’s already had an operation to remove two lumps and is going to have to do some radiation therapy, but the doctors said they got all of the bad tissue and they think she’ll make a full recovery. So that’s good. Regardless, I’m going to start a Shedir for her ASAP out of some Rowan Calmer that orata is wonderfully and nicely swapping with me. So I’m champing the bit to start on that. So the sooner I get these $^*&@*% toys done, the better. And that’s that.

Wow. For someone with not much to say, I sure talk a lot.