Olivia the bear

It’s true. She only has a bit of fluff in there.

Pattern: Otto, by Ysolda Teague
Yarn: Henry’s Attic Inca Cotton, 1 skein (with bunches left over)
Needle: KP Options in US 6
Started: May 5
Finished: May 20
For: my niece for her 8th birthday (in July)
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Oh dear. I had no idea that this would come out so cute and endearing. I mean, look at her! She’s so soft and huggable! I purposefully didn’t stuff her so much so she would be squarshy, but I think I outdid myself.

Olivia in the herbs

A bear in its natural habitat–the herb garden (ten points if you know what movie from which that was twisted).

Maybe I should say that Ysolda outdid herself. I think I should buy stock in her patterns. As usual, the pattern was very well written and intuitive to follow. Otto is constructed in a very similar way to Elijah–you knit the head, stuff it, close it up, then pick up stitches and knit down the body. Otto is a little different after this, because you knit a crotch gusset and the legs as part of the main body (not separate as in Elijah). The arms are picked up separately, as are the ears. Then ta da! You are done. Well, after the embroidery of the eyes and nose, that is.

Olivia's nose

The nose was a little bit of an episode. As you can see if you go look at these projects in Ravelry, some people are having a problem with the nose looking too long. I kind of did, too. But I fixed it. I did knit the nose as written, but I hardly put any stuffing in there at all. It ended up kind of looking like a platypus shovel nose that way. (omg! platypuses are so friggin cute! I want one! Think it’d get along with the cats?) Then, before I embroidered the nose on with satin stitch, I sewed down the pointy ends sideways to make it more rounded and squished. Does that make sense? Damn me for not taking a ‘before’ shot. Anyway, then I put the nose on. It’s kind of a roundy nose instead of a triangle nose, but I like it. Plus I ripped it out about sixty times, so the nose you see is the nose where I ran out of patience. Eh, whatever. It’s cute. From the side you can kind of see where I putzed with it.

Olivia's profile

Yeah, remember when I was complaining about knitting this? As usual, I’m an idiot. Love. Her. And I hope my niece will too.

another Olivia

I’m betting she will. :)