The last few days can be summarized by the following:


First of all, I got lots of fun things in the mail.

roving 2

Ahhh, yes. The much coveted roving has arrived. About two weeks ago, Turtlegirl showed the most beautiful singles on her blog. I needed it. I had to have it. (So much that I practically tackled her in the comments, as you can see if you scroll down on that link.) She very graciously tracked down the dyer for me and viola! Roving on my doorstep. It took a bit because the color I wanted, Rose Garden (the looped one), was out of stock. But the dyer made some more for me and sent it along. And while I was at her etsy shop, I had to get more. How could I resist, really? So the second (the flat one) came home to me, too. It’s Autumn Fire. Check out the picture of the finished yarn! Dang. Now them’s some pretty colors.

So I have lots of fiber now, but I didn’t have anything to spin it on (excepting the toy wheel spindle that Aimee lent me, but I have to give that back). So Annie told me she’d give me her spindle, since spinning didn’t really take with her. I got a box that had all this in it on the same day I got the above roving.


Not just a beautiful Ashford Classic Drop Spindle, but roving to practice on as well! As soon as I got this out of the box, I put it together and gave it a whirl. It spins forever. Seriously, it just keeps going and going and going. It was so fun to play with that I sat there on the floor for about a half and hour, just spinning it. Then the blub came in and asked me what the heck I was doing with a spindle and no fiber. Men! They just sometimes really know how to rain on a girl’s parade, ya know? But I got perked up again when I dove back in the box and found this.


Noro sock yarn! Annie, you sneaky little vixen! Thank you so so so much for the goodies. You rule the school. And make the boys drool. And duel with cruel mules…okay, enough. I’m grateful, you get the point. :)

(Oh yeah, and I got my package from the Ravelry store too. It was a Good Mail Day.)

So now my main problem is, how the heck am I going to fit all of this stuff in the Great Yarn Bucket?

the yarn bucket

That’s what going with me to California. It’s already…well, bursting. And NOW I have to pack all that fiber in, too! I just hope it doesn’t explode when I’m driving through Nevada and cause me to lose control of the car and smash into a tree. Oh wait, there aren’t any trees in Nevada. So I’ll smash into a cactus or a guy riding a motorcycle with those ridiculously high handlebars or something. Whatever. My point is, it may cause problems. Maybe I should just get a bigger yarn bucket…

Actually, I think that may be the answer. Because I also have to pack some more yarn I can use for mittens. Why Chemgrrl whatever for, you ask? For this.

Magnificent  Mittens

Ayup. I tracked down a copy of this illusive and out-of-print book. (Thank you, Interlibrary Loan!) And all I can say about it is Holy Farging Wow. This book is AMAZING. And I now have about 20 mitten patterns I want to knit. Here are some of my favs.

best mittensflowery mittensscrolly mittenspretty mittensb&w mittenspill like mittens

I’m not so sure I’m into those big skirty-type cuff things. Although, that’s what I like about that last one–the cuff design. Are you squeeing along with me? So. Pretty. Of course, there are loads more patterns in this book–about 30, I think? I don’t remember. But there’s really a pattern for everyone in here! Kids, women, men, people who live near nuclear power plants…

two thumb mittens

No, your eyes are not deceiving you–those mittens really do have two thumbs each. Supposedly, these are traditional mittens for Swedish fishermen who wear out their thumbs quickly. So if they keep turning the mittens around and around, they’ll have less wear. I’m not sure I buy that. I think it’s maybe so nobody will steal their mittens, instead. Cuz you’d certainly know that these were yours. Or maybe they could be dog sweaters for legless chihuahuas. Or buntings for baby dolls. They *do* certainly stimulate the imagination.

As does the rest of this book. I’ll have so much to do for the next couple of months! And I have so much to do now. T minus SIX days and counting. I leave for Washington DC on the 29th (going there first for orientation and to see my big brother and the kids for a few days). I come back home on June 4th, then the blub and I pack into the car and make for Southern Cali on June 5th. So I need to finish packing! EEEEEE!

But first I have to go fondle my pretty fiber again. THEN I’ll pack. Yeah. :)