It’s a girl it’s a girl it’s a girl it’s a girl it’s a girl it’s a girl!

Oh, the baby’s not born yet. But remember how I’ve been bitching about my SIL’s soon-to-be baby and how the uncooperative little thing wouldn’t roll over for the ultrasound? Well, she did! And she’s a she! So that means that I can finally start Babette! Shit!

Shit because I CANNOT take all that fraging yarn with me. Do you remember the state of my yarn bucket? There’s NO WAY any thing else is going in there. Although I did get all that fiber in. And some other stuff. But it’s really really packed tight now. Really no more. Really. Really!

Okay, so here’s what I’m going to do. EZ’s February baby sweater now–and I’ve been dying to make one of these. I even had the perfect yarn in my stash–Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sport. I’ve been hanging onto two skeins of sage for practically forever, and now they have a use!

Baby sweater

Except I forgot to put the buttonholes in. Oh hell, I’ll fix it later.

Then I’m going to knit a dolly for when the baby arrives. I’ve been wanting to knit one of these for a bit too, but Niece E is too old for that now (almost 8!) and HG, who’s four, doesn’t do dolls. Well dammit, her little sister will. So I’ve got to get some yarn for that. Which I guess I’ll have to shove in my suitcase. Crap.

Then–Babette for Christmas. I didn’t give Baby J his blankie until his first Christmas. So this baby won’t be any different. That give me loads of time. Er, right? I’m coming back in August. I can start it then.

But here’s what I’ve amassed so far:

Babette colors with cat

Hmm, some rounding out definitely needs to occur. I’m not sold on the red. And I need some bright greenish color (not sure about the one that’s there–too dark, methinks). And some turquoise–but I swear I had some. What the heck did I do with that? And maybe I want to go in the pink direction. I do dearly love that berry color in the middle–I’d been eyeing that at my LYS for ages, until I saw one day that they only had two skeins left! That LYS is not very consistent with their offerings so I snatched it up, thinking if I didn’t use it for Babette I could make socks with it. Now I’m damn glad I did. Love it. In fact, I’m using that as my main color. Everything else has to match that yarn.

And you know what? I might be able to fit in some more yarn after all. I just remembered that I took out that pink fiber because I spun part of it up. (Like the new spindle!) But then I had to stop because some bizarre bug bit me in the right arm and it swelled up like crazy and it hurts to use that arm too much. Plus I keep whacking it on stuff, so that doesn’t help. It’s getting better, though. The swelling’s gone down quite a bit, so maybe I can spin some more tonight. And maybe I can visit the yarn store on the way home.

Yes? They’re open today, right? Please someone say right. I have yarn to buy!