That’s how flickr greeted me when I logged in about thirty minutes ago. You know how they always say hello in some foreign language? I’ve seen Russian, Swahili, German, Tagalog, and a bevy of other languages. And now…LOLspeak. I wonder if the kitties be getting their own country soon.

BUT the good news is, I’m back on flickr again! So I can has pictures! And you can has see them! Hooray! So let’s cut the crap and get to it, mkay?


is pretty

view from my window

That’s the view from my window. It looks nicer from here.

purple flowery things

This is the other side of the bush that I can see out my window. The flowers are purple and pretty. Sparrows live in there, too. They are chirpy and feathery.

teh oranges

The orange tree! is also visible from my window. I haven’t tried the oranges yet, but I’ve been told they’re quite tasty. Maybe this weekend I’ll make a big ‘ol jug of fresh squeezed orange juice. Mmmmm.


Roses! in the backyard. Not visible from my window, but I can see them if I stick my nose up against the screen and turn my head to the left. There are different roses directly outside my window, but they’re further along in their life cycle and therefore not as pretty-picture making. Still nice, though.

flowers on my desk

Flowers! on my desk. I bought them at a supermarket, but they’re pretty. Especially with the weird color thing I did to them. I was trying to brighten up the picture and it ended up like that. And it was nice so I left it. Um, I mean. Yeah, I’m all arty? This photo represents the soul within the flowers, and how they speak to us of transcendental discombobulation and defenestrating fruition. Feel their pain! Feel it.

knitting spot

This is my knitting corner. I took the picture kind of high so you could see the nifty Shaker hooks and shelves. Aren’t they nice? I wish I had these at home. They go all around the room! Imagine all the yarn I could stuff up there!

yarn decor

My yarn-deco! I think it looks kind of wimpy in this picture. I assure you, it’s way cooler than that. In fact, it’s almost as cool as me sleeping with my teddy bear, Oswald. Hey, I’m two thousand miles from my husband. I need a little huggy comfort. You got a problem with that?

elephant's got the clap

Oh lookee, we’ve gone outside again. Mr. Weird Elephant thing in the backyard was simply laughing with delight to hold my clappy for me. I’m actually getting close to done with this thing. I’ve finished all the straight rows and begun the decrease part. And…I think I might run out of yarn. No worries, I can rip back. But I have to see how far I can get first! Then I might rip. But I do very much like how it’s coming out.

clap close

And that ain’t such a good photo of the color. I monkeyed with it a bit, but I couldn’t get it right. But remember when I dyed this yarn? I took ninety-gazillion pictures?

Berry bootaful 747

Yup. There it is. In all it’s shinypurpleypinky glory. I love knitting with this yarn. In fact, I may have to buy lots and lots and lots more cones of it. (Zephyr DK–I got it from Sarah’s Yarns, here. Go forth and multiply…your stash.) Enough for a sweater, perhaps? Perhaps.

Or perhaps I’ll put that off until later, as I’m soon to go on a spiritual journey. In fact, by the time most of you read this, I will be there. And what is this mecca of yarny goodness that myself and a trusty companion will pilgrimage to on the morrow?

Purl warehouse.

Until then!