I have seen the promised land. And it is humongous!

purl warehouse outside

Can you believe the awesome hugeness of Purl’s warehouse? No, me neither, since that’s a hangar from the nearby Tustin Marine Corps Air Station. The outside of the real Purl was so nondescript that I didn’t even think to get a picture. But here’s what we saw as we ventured inside.

the inside

And who is ‘we’ you ask? Why, no other than the fabulous weezalana. She parachuted in from a secret location just for ‘lil ol me. Oh yeah, and the yarn. But that really wasn’t a big draw, ya know? There was hardly any of it anyway.

great holy mother of yarn aisle

I mean come on! Really, that’s all they’ve got?

koigu and lorna's

And the Koigu and Lorna’s Laces shelves above were just shameful. I think I’ve got more in my stash than that.

tub o o-wool

And this is all the O-wool balance they had. Jeez it’s just…okay I can’t take it anymore. Holy crap! Did you see that? Did you faint? I nearly did, especially when I came across that koigu. When we first walked in, Weez wisely asked the woman working there if she kept smelling salts on hand. But then I don’t even remember the answer, because at that point wordless buzzing came into my head and all I could seeheartouchtaste was yarn yarn yarn.

I had been warned, too, by Jerry who had been before. (I met him at the Anaheim knit night and he’s very nice. Hi Jerry!) “For the sake of all that is good and holy,” he told me, “find what you want at the website first! Otherwise you’ll get overwhelmed and end up a gelatinous pile of gobbering gook on the floor of the place!” Okay, I may have been paraphrasing a bit, but that was the substance. But it was really good advice. So I went in with ideas, and limits. And then promptly broke them.

pooter front

And this is what I came out with. See my charming bag? Weez came up with the idea of PUWTR 2008 since she says she never gets to go to fiber festivals or things like that. And then she made us bags! Yup, she made those. Jealous aren’t you, and you should be. Not only do I now have a super-cool bag, but it is stuffed to the gills with yarn and fabric. Yes, I got fabric too. More on that at the end.

pooter back

Back of the bag. Of course PUWTR is pronounced ‘pooter.’ How could it be otherwise? And my stash IS real, and it IS spectacular. Even more spectacular now. Shall we take a look?

manos silk

Ah yes, the Manos silk. I’ve been itching to get my hands into this for awhile now, ever since orata started knitting her prismatic scarf. Ooooo. Silllllk. You all know I loves me some silk. I had been looking at both this and the Sheep Shop 3 on the website the night before. And while the SS3 was really pretty, in the end it was the Manos for me. I think it was the color that did me in. It was just luminous on the shelf. I only meant to get one skein. I don’t really know how that second one leapt into my bag. I think Weez must have put it there.

purplue koigu

And this practically attacked me from the koigu shelf. Really. It began its assault on my eyeballs, then wormed into my brain with its squishy snakey softness. Yes, two skeins of Koigu KPM. It looked blue inside and purple out in the sun, so I’ve named it purplue. And it was never meant to come home with me at all. Oops.

But this next stuff–yes, this was meant to.

lots o o-wool

It’s an entire sweater’s worth of O-wool balance. Ten skeins. And I think O stands for: Oh god, it’s soft. Oh dear, it’s nice. Oh crap, I’m in public so I can’t stuff it down my pants.

o wool

Or, you know, the obvious. Orgasm.

I looooooove this yarn. It’s a 50:50 merino cotton mix, with slubby tweedy things. I heart the slubby tweedy things. And I didn’t walk in to Purl wanting this color, but I’m quite glad I got it now. It’s called ‘peridot’ which happens to be my birthstone. And I do really love it. I don’t know quite what it’s going to be yet, but I have tons of ideas. But I have to wait. Because what I don’t have is a ball winder. Arrugh! So for now, it becomes new yarn decor. I think it fills in the empty spaces nicely, don’t you?

improvements to yarn decor

additional improvements

Oh yes, and the fabric. I don’t sew so much (ha!) but my mum does. Remember the bag she made me? And the quilt? Well, on the way to Purl, Weez took a wrong turn at Albuquerque so was a little late. I took the time to call my mom and tell her where I was. And she said “Oooo! If you see any fabrics you like get them! I’ll make you a bag! And a skirt! And pay you for the fabric!” Crap, my mom loves me. (Of course I’m not going to let her pay me for the fabric though, don’t be silly.) So I ended up getting this stuff.


The very left greeny stuff is the skirt fabric, and the other two will go together to be a bag. I don’t know what bag yet, but I like this one. And this one and this one. My mom already has a skirt pattern in mind for me. I just hope I got enough fabric. Or otherwise, darn I’d have to go back! Wouldn’t that suck?

Actually, we do tentatively have plans to go back. Meeting Weezalana was so much fun that I want to do it again! And yes, I am now mad with the powah that I know what she looks like and nobody else does! (Well, I imagine that her husband does.) But, never fear dear readers! I, yes I, have surreptitiously gotten a photo of her face, and yes I will post it here! She even got a new haircut, which she was asking my opinion of.

weez's new haircut

I dunno, Weez. Maybe something a little less extreme next time.