Me love you long time.

clappy on chair 2

Pattern: if you need to know this, please do yourself a favor and crawl out of that cave. How do you get internet access in there, anyway?
Yarn: Zephyr DK, chemified
Needle: KP options US 7
Started: June 6
Finished: June 18
For: me, and I completely and utterly 100% super-duper big heart it
Mods: barely

Oh, the Clap. I’ve caught it, and I’ve caught it bad. I LOVE this thing! And I actually documented the entire blocking process this time. Um, as exciting as that is.

it bleeds!

Clappy’s first bath

So yes, I mentioned before that I dyed this yarn myself. I was kind of disappointed to see that it bled a bit when I popped it in the sink. Cuz I rinsed it about sixteen times after I dyed it. Really. I think it was actually sixteen times. And the water still turned pink. Well. I’ll never be irritated again by commercial yarn that bleeds on the first washing. Because sometimes there’s nothing you can do.

no more bleedy

Clappy’s second bath

The second time proved the charm here. No bleedy after bath number two. Hurrah! To the floor we go, then.

clappy blocking on floor

My room’s a bit small. Good thing that Clappy dried really fast. I had to step over it every time I wanted to move that day. It was worf it though. See how pretty?

clappy 1

I started Clappy on the roadtrip out here. And I knitted it through my icky debacle and adjusting to temporary Life Without Blubbster and I guess I kind of think of it as a sort of security blanket. When I get lonely at night, I wrap it around my shoulders and knit, even though lately it’s been hotter than Hyperion’s left butt cheek around here.

clappy in the sun

Plus, I don’t know–I guess I feel extra proud because I dyed the yarn myself. And it turned out pretty well! I deathly was afraid of pooling, but really only did it in one spot in the middle and even that is hardly noticeable. Like a child with a lisp, perhaps. A flaw yes, but a somewhat cute one.

clappy on chair 1

I was also afraid that I would run out of yarn. I knew I only had about 600 yds, and I’ve heard tales told of needing four skeins of LL Lion & Lamb, which chilled my little bonesies cold. So I made my Clappy one repeat narrower and one repeat shorter. Did the trick I guess, since I have about four feet of yarn left over. Yay for close shaves.

I don’t actually have any pictures of the whole thing laid out flat. Silly me, why the heck would I want that? But I do know that my pre-block dimensions were 17 x 53.5 inches, and my post-block size is 20.5 x 62.5 inches. Plenty big for me.

oswald with clappy

Plenty big for Oswald, too. My photographer is in Indiana, so no posed shots for now. Oswald kindly modeled in my stead. It does look smashing on him, you have to admit.

You can have it when you pry it from my cold dead hands, little bear. Mine, mine, mine.