Lookit! I made a scarf! How timely!

scarfy 5

Random Ridges Scarf (aka Scarfy)
Pattern: de la derrière
Yarn: that fabulous Manos silk blend that I got from Purl, 2 skeins of magenta
Needle: KP options, US 8
Started: June 26
Finished: July 5
For: me, of course. Silly.
Rav it!

Ah, garter stitch. Does anything rival its simplicity, its beauty? I wanted something lovely and beautiful that would show off this yarn. I also wanted something brainless to knit after I finished my Clapotis, since I was coming home every night simply wasted in the thinking department. Seriously, I think I missed the turn to get back to my house here in the OC about four times in one week. Brain-dead. Yes, that about says it.

scarfy 6

So Scarfy was born. Actually, Scarfy was really born in a dark movie theater while I was watching Wall-E. (Cute! But it didn’t seem to pack the same punch as other Pixar films, although I can’t put my finger on why.) I had started out doing an all-garter stitch scarf, then got bored with it and began throwing weird knit and purl patterns into the mix. Then I went to the movies and knit another big block of garter stitch. I looked at my handiwork on the way out, and decided that blocks of garter stitch and stockinette stitch were the way to go. So I snipped and ripped out the beginning, and knit the rest in my random garter ridges.

scarfy 4

BUT I did make sure to keep the edge stitch in garter stitch. Because we don’t like that pesky rolling that stockinette does, do we? Scarfy lays nice and flat.

scarfy 3

Want to make your own? Just cast on mumblewumble stitches, then knit in garter for a bit, switch to stockinette for as long as you like (keeping 1 stitch on each edge in garter), then switch back to garter when you feel like it. Use up two full skeins of the Manos, then cast off. Voila! A scarfy to call your own. Finished measurements are mumble by wumble.

scarfy 1

Yeah, I forgot to measure it. I also forgot to write down how many stitches I cast on. (Although I do know it was somewhere between 25 and 30. I think it was 27, which makes sense for me since 27 is 9 times 3, which makes it a happy number, because it’s all about threes. Yes, I think of such things while I’m casting on for projects. Shut up!) This forgetting is somewhat of a problem, since I can’t just look at it and figure it out. Why? Well, the eagle-eyed among you may have noticed where the Scarfy photo shoot took place. That purple fence? Surrounds my garden. At home. In Indiana.

ETA: Scarfy is 5 5/8 in wide and 73 in long. I cast on 27 stitches. Therefore my gauge was 4.8 stitches per inch. Give or take.

scarfy 2

Yeppers, I went home this weekend! Saturday was the blub’s birthday, and I couldn’t let him pass that momentous occasion without little ‘ol me. (He turned 42! He is the answer to life, the universe, and everything!) So I flew home. Also, he didn’t know I was coming. So it was a birthday surprise! He was very surprised, too. The house was a wreck. But it was still very very nice to be home, even if it was only for two and a half days. I flew back this morning, and lemme tell ya that was hard. But, I’ve only a month left here, so I’m keeping my chin up. Anyway, I took Scarfy home with me and left her there. So if you really want finished measurements, I can ask Blubbster to get them. I can’t see him counting stitches, though. There’s only so much you can ask of a man.

(There’s only so much you can ask of me, too. I was planning on having the blub take a picture of me in the scarf, but it was So. Friggin. Muggy. When I took my camera outside to get those shots? My lens fogged up. Twice. So there was no way in hell I was putting that glorious wool-and-silk concoction around my neck. So the fence will just have to do. It does look fabulous on, take my word for it.)

I did some other things when I was home, too.

tower o yarn cakes

Oh yes I did. I carted eight skeins of O-wool balance home in my suitcase and wound them up when I got there. Oh how I had missed my ballwinder and swift.

I also grabbed my thesaurus off of my desk. I cannot tell you how much I’ve missed this little book. Now I’m overjoyed to have it back. Charmed! Delighted! Elated! Euphoric! Jubilant! Rapturous! Thrilled! Tickled Pink!

I also visited my stash. And now I have this little friend to keep me company.

electric sock

Koigu knee socks. Oh yesssssssss. I’ve wedded the purplue with some KPPM I’ve had in my stash for ages. And dammit, I think they look smashing together. I’m just doing one row stripes of each. It’s quite convenient that I like it so much, as I started these socks here, with only the dimmest memory of what the variegated Koigu looked like. But then I fetched it from home and hot damn! Love it. The buzzing business of the stripes and the bright colors (and the fact that they will be knee socks) keeps reminding me of the Electric Company. Plus, I just watched the Goonies recently, so every time I pick these up, I hear Sloth’s voice in my head going, “Hey you guuuuuys!” So that’s what they’re called. The “Hey you guys!” socks.

I’d better get me some groovy roller skates. Right quick!