Member when I got a new niece? Member? Member?

Well, now I have a friend for her.

hello dolly

Dolly! aka Puddin’ aka Pud
Pattern: Dolly, from Jess Hutchinson’s toy booklet
Yarn: Cascade 220 superwash, chocolate, walnut heather, and berry pink (mmm…sounds tasty!)
Needle: KP Options, US 5
Begun: July 18
Finished: July 20
For: ACK!

The blub and I recently realized that my new niece’s initials were a…c…k, so she will hereby be referred to as ACK! With the exclamation mark. You know, kind of like Berroco Love It! Just not the same without it. Ya know?

america's sweetheart

Anyway, Dolly. Holy crap, don’t you just want to eat her up? She is so so so cute. I named her already–Pud. That’s short for Puddin’. Because her head kind of reminded me of chocolate pudding. And because she’s sweet and squishy.

she's so flexible

And flexible! She can do the splits both ways.

lickety split

Pud was so fun to knit. And quick, too! Two nights of The Life Aquatic and The Daily Show and some Eddie Izzard on YouTube were all it took. (pssst…I’m kinda getting hooked on the whole TV on the internet thing, especially the Daily Show. I’ll actually miss that when I go home in a few weeks. Don’t tell the blub, okay?)

action pud

I didn’t change a thing from the pattern. Nothing. No thing. Oh well, I didn’t put a nose on her. And I sewed on felt circles instead of using safety eyes. And I didn’t do the crochet around the edges of the dress, since I don’t have any contrasting yarn I like. But besides those minor adjustments, I didn’t change a thing.

pud 1

Pud is about 6.5 inches long from the tips of her toes to the top of her little roundy head. And arm to arm is also 6.5 inches. Hey, she’s proportionate! Weird. The pattern says Dolly should be 9.5 inches tall, so apparently my gauge was a little tighter. Who cares, I heart Pud the way she is.


And she’s a bit of a ham, in case you couldn’t tell.

My niece is half Filipino. I wanted to make her a doll that would look like her, hence the walnut heather. I think it’s a bit dark, but it was either walnut heather or…pink. So there you go. Anway, I think little ACK! will like Pud.

pud loves oswald

If Oswald and I can give her up, that is. Oof. Gonna be hard.