capistrano beach

Seeing as I’ll be buggering off soon (less than two weeks left in California), I thought I should get my white ass to the beach.

leg and sock

So I did, Sunday afternoon. I also took along my very white leg, and my sock.


And spent my time looking up at the pretty rolling waves,

me so shapely

and looking back down at my sock. (I had no idea my calves were so curvy!)


I saw actual clouds! But no rain.

the sockie so far

I got all the way through the heel! Start to turn.

seagull at the beach

It was lovely, it was tranquil. My mind wandered. I experienced knitter’s Zen. I was one with the ocean! With my knitting! With the whole world!

Until I finished the heel, went to pick up the gusset stitches with the variegated strand, and saw this.

well, crap

It is rare that words fail me. But I could only think of one.