Well shitfire in a bucket, I just realized I never got around to filling you guys in about the earthquake! Silly silly. I guess my brain was a bit rattled. Anyway, for my science writing program thingy, I have to write updates every two weeks. I thought this last one told my earthquake story pretty well, so here it is, more or less:

It was quite an exciting week here in Orange County. This place was hopping. Literally.

The 5.4 earthquake that hit Southern California Tuesday was centered about 15 miles from here. It (apparently) wasn’t that big, but it certainly felt substantial to this Midwestern girl, and to other people in the office. Some people thought enough to dive under their desks, but most of us just stood there like idiots, watching the building roll like a ride on the Universal Studios tour.

Although it felt much longer than that, the quake only lasted about 15 seconds. As soon as it stopped, a moment of stunned silence filled the newsroom. And then the place erupted.

People running, shouting, generally freaking out, trying to figure out where it came from, how big it was, if there was any damage. My boss is the earthquake guy around here, so about ten editors converged on his desk, all shouting and taking directions. He was in a frenzied state, trying to do about sixteen different things at once. Pretty much everybody was doing something, making phone calls, contributing in some way.

Except me. In the middle of the chaos, I continued to stand there like an idiot. I think my boss forgot I existed. I went to ask if he wanted me to do anything, but then he charged past with the look of a raging bull in his eyes, so I backed off. I asked my other editor instead, and he told me to sit tight. So I did.

And I sat. And sat and sat and sat. I ended up doing no earthquake reporting. I redirected two phone calls, that was it. I guess I should have been more aggressive, especially when my boss ran out to interview the biggest earthquake expert in the US, who just happened to be three blocks away at the time. They drove out to the epicenter, and were there during one of the aftershocks. I should have insisted he take me. But unfortunately, I did not.

Next time, I hope, I will be stirred to take action. What are the odds of another earthquake hitting within a week?

Yep, that was about the long and short of it. I didn’t get to do anything. Bit of a bummer, really. No one to blame but myself.

The earthquake didn’t really scare me all that much, contrary to my own expectations. It was kind of alarming at first, but once I realized that the windows weren’t shattering and the roof wasn’t falling on my head, it was kind of fun. I didn’t get nervous until much, much later, when I was at home and it was late at night and I was thinking about that thing I heard on the news, where the nice lady said there was a one in 20 chance that the quake was just a foreshock and a bigger one would hit within three days. Then I called the blub.

Poor blub. It was about 1 am there. He made me feel better. Then I picked up my knitting. I finished the sock.

whole she-bang

Thar she is. Done, my silly mistake aside.

(I did end up cutting the yarn. No big deal, really. I was just so peeved at myself that I was dumb enough to leave off knitting with the variegated strand there in the first place. I blame the beach.)

Slight problem: it’s a bit too big in the calf.

leg acrobatics

I sent several intervertebral discs shooting from my back and got six hernias taking this picture, but can you see it? How the sock kind of sticks out a bit from my calf in the back, along the increase line? I don’t understand why this is so. I figured the correct negative ease (10%–same as I use for all my socks) with the gauge and number of stitches and all, yet it pooches. What gives? Should I have knit it with even more negative ease?

icky nasty pooling

It also pooled a bit, round the middle there. Bleh.

Those negatives aside, I do like the sock. Now I have to knit its mate.

I think I pulled something

BUT, should I make the second exactly as I did the first? That is, a smidge too big but at least it will match? Or, should I make the second sock fit better, but have a mismatched pair? Keeping in mind of course that I usually find that my socks felt and shrink a bit, even though the wool is superwash. And right now it does fit perfectly in the foot.


Oh bother. Decisions, decisions.