I have discovered a very important, very useful, very secret fact: California makes you stupid.

Well, it makes me stupid.

Exhibit A: The Great Seaside Heel Flap Debacle

Exhibit B: as follows.

I went to Hollywood this past weekend. I hadn’t been. I’m leaving this Friday, so it was really the last time I had to get out there.

So I went. I drove around Beverly Hills. (BIG houses. But that’s hardly a surprise.) I drove down Hollywood Boulevard, and saw all the stars on the sidewalk. I drove past the Chinese Theater. Yes, I say drove because I didn’t actually get out of my car and look around. Quite frankly, I think that driving by was quite sufficient for me. Plus it was a Saturday afternoon and parking looked like an unwinnable land war in Asia.

I only got out at one place. Wildfiber.

Yep, I stopped by Santa Monica on my famous-things-in-Southern-California tour. (I drove by Disneyland too, but that’s hardly newsworthy since I live two ruddy miles from the place. I can hear the fireworks show every night. Hear, but not see. They shoot them low on purpose. Bastards.)

And guess what? I forgot my camera. But, I can say that it was a very nice little shop. Friendly people, very nice yarn selection, the aesthetic was good, GREAT button selection. Wee bit pricey, though. How pricey? Ha! So much that I didn’t notice it. Yes I know that makes no sense. We’ll get there.

Here’s what I got.

A skein of Manos, in agate (100).


How lovely. How wooly. It will be a nice autumny cowl for me. I just got a new fall jacket that has this stand up collar thingy that just begs for a cowl. And I cannot refuse what my jacket asks of me! So a cowl it will get. My pleasure, little jacket.

The Manos was on sale, so I got it for…$14.75. Or so. It cost more on sale than I would pay for a regularly priced skein of this at my home LYS, but it’s Santa Monica. Rent’s expensive, I get it.

It’s this next one that…well, I’ll let you decide.

sockhop 1

It’s Crown Mountain Farms sock hop. Born to be wild. One skein. Here’s a close-up.

sockhop in yer face

So you guys know all about this yarn, right? How it’s lovely and handspun, and also how it’s about as easy to get as Wollmeise or Sundara sock yarn?

I saw. I touched. I plotzed. It’s so pretty. And I love handspun. Fabulous. So of course I bought a skein.

Yes, only one skein. Why? Because I had this vague memory that a pair of socks of this stuff was around $40, and each skein was priced at $36. It did not even begin to enter my brain to occur to me to check the yardage. Cuz if it cost that much, it had to enough for a pair of socks, right?

Wrong. So so very wrong. I didn’t realize until I got all the way back home and I looked it up on Ravelry that each skein is only 200 yards. (Please don’t ask me why I just didn’t read the label.) And that you need two skeins for a pair of socks. And most importantly, the Crown Mountain Farms website sells each skein for $18. NOT $36.

Oh my weasels and kumquats! Wildfiber was charging twice the regular asking price for this yarn! That’s seventy-two dollars for a pair of socks! Jesus H. Christ on a goat! A $72 pair of socks had better be handspun by Spanish pixies out of platinum metal and have the ability to make you friggin fly.

Feck. I feel like the world’s biggest fool. I paid thirty-six dollars, plus tax, for enough yarn to make one sock. One. Not a pair. One.

Maybe it was a mistake. Maybe it was mismarked in the shop. I kind of doubt it, though. There was a biiiig pile of it. And silly me, I didn’t think why. I just went “Oooo! Pretty!” I didn’t occur to me that there was so much left because it was fantastically amazingly overpriced.

Arrugh. I’m going to call the shop Tuesday and make sure it was priced correctly. (They’re closed Sunday and Monday.) I really don’t know what that’ll get me, though. I don’t have time to drive all the way back there and return it, or get a refund. Maybe to prove to myself what an ass I am?

Dumb. Dumb dumb dumb. Someone bitch slap me, please. At least I’ll be leaving soon–four days and counting.