Oh, the joys of being home!

I had a great time in Washington D.C. and visiting my brother and SIL and los kiddos. (And yes, I made it to Stitch DC! It was smaller than I expected.) I have pictures coming of Baby Alice in finished (gasp!) Baby Sweater on Two Needles, but those will have to wait. I’m still on vacation. Plus, it’s my birthday and I didn’t do anything all day except laze about at home and go to the Farmer’s Market. Yay for that.

I’m so glad that some of my favorite flowers are still in bloom around here.

purple coneflower
Purple coneflower, aka Echinacea purpurea. It growth by the garden.

Ironweed by the garage. The Latin name for this is Veronia altissima. I had to look that one up. I didn’t plant this one–it’s just everywhere this time of year.

bee balm

Bee balm, aka Monarda fistulosa. Also by the garden.

And what kind of birthday would it be without new birthday yarn? Especially when it's Mountain Colors River Twist.

birthday yarn

Flowers and yarn and being home. What more could a girl want?