That’s my name, tooooooooooooooooo!

aster against mums

Real flowers. Not a bad acid flashback.

I have no idea why that song’s stuck in my head.

Lookit my pretty flowers! I stocked up on mums and asters this weekend. So Fall must officially be around the corner.

BUT before I start waxing all autumnal and crap, I’ve got some FOs to share. I’m behind on posting about those, since I’ve had way more knitting time than sit-down-and-write-about-knitting-on-my-computer time lately. So I’ve got scads of things to show.

Scads, I tell you. Scads.

Here’s installment one of 1,290,456.

mitts and kerchief

Garter stitch o’mania. With lovely but ludicrously expensive yarn.*


garter stitch mitts

Garter stitch mitts, pattern by Ysolda. Rav me.
Yarnsies: Crown Mountain Farms Sock Hop
Needle: US 5
Start: somewhere in Arizona
Finish: Tennessee, maybe? It might have been Arkansas.

I started and finished these on the road trip from California back to Indiana. They were quick little jobbers, fun to knit and fun to wear. My gauge was a bit smaller than what the pattern called for, but I just knitted the larger size, then added some extra rows at the end until they were wide enough. (They’re knit side-to-side, so embiggening them was quite easy.)

I really like these mitts. They make me want to run around in a grey sweat suit, punching the air. Not quite sure why.


kerchief 2kerchief 1

(It’s the blub’s fault. He always makes me laugh.)

Double your pleasure, double your fun with a sex-ay kerchiefy scarf thing!

Pattern: I put in my Rav notes that I used the Kerchief scarf pattern from Last Minute Knitted Gifts, but let’s be serious, here. It’s a friggin garter stitch triangle. I didn’t use a pattern.
Needle: US 5
Yarn: same as above, yadda yadda.

I actually started this when I was still in California, and finished it in the car. The only nutty thing I did here was add a button on the back, instead of a tie.

kerchief button


I like this thing too. It makes me feel all punk and stuff.

Oh yeah, and the hair? It’s in a pony-tail. I think the last time I had hair long enough to put in a pony-tail was when I moved to Bloomington. Which was ten years ago.


You may express surprise now, if you wish.

Lots more FOs to come. That is, If I can talk the strange person above into taking more pictures.

(It was four years last Thursday, by the way. Sometimes I wonder–because, or in spite of?)

*By the way, it turns out that the yarn wasn’t mismarked, that it is really $36 a skein at Wildfiber. A friend of mine from my knitting group in OC bought some too, and the owner told her in an email that “…So, if you want more (of the Sockhop) for $18, you can go direct and purchase from (Crown Mountain Farms). Otherwise, in the future, we’re going to have a better product, in exclusive colors, for a higher price.” Gee, that’s funny. I see the colorway I bought right there on the website. For $18. Huh.