Sorry, can’t blog today. Dead. I’ll catch up when I’ve come back to life, m’kay?

Sigh. Okay not dead. Just feel like it. Pourquoi, you ask? (You’re very worldly. You ask in French.) Because I have a jagnormous FO from this weekend.

green corner

It’s a room. It’s a lovely green room that used to be a white room. And I did it all by myself. (I’m a big girl!) I must say, I think it looks smashing.


But my body, she says ow. She says ow mightily. I had to move a lot of furniture. And you know what? If you never move furniture, you never see what lies beneath. And if you never see it, you don’t realize just how much dirt is lurking under there.

Beneath the dryer? I found a Microraptor skeleton. An important scientific find, surely, but not one you wish to scrub off your beautiful hardwood floors.

So at least that’s done. Ish. But the entire time I was painting, my next huge project taunted and jeered at me from outside.

messy garden through octagon window

The garden. She’s a mess. Ugh.