So this will be THE LAST unblogged-due-to-moving-back-to-Indiana-from-California-and-I-couldn’t-be-bothered-to-do-anything-for-a-week-and-a-half-project.

It’s a cowl.

cowl 2

Cuello templado.
(Which, according to the remnants of high school Spanish trundling around in my brain, means “warm neck.” I could be wrong, though. Hopefully it doesn’t mean something like “dead chicken wrapped around the neck of an aging toad.”)

Pattern: Luxe Neck Warmer from Knit 2 Together
Yarn: Manos del Uruguay 100% wool, one skein of agate, color 100
Needle: US 8

I don’t know when I started this, but I finished it August 24. I think it was after I left Orange County. But I did wind the yarn there. I know because it was in a stinky ball-that-rolls-across-the-floor-whenever-you-tug-on-it-and-then-Izzy-tries-to-eat-it-and-you-have-to-wrestle-it-away-from-him-and-keep-knitting-with-yarn-covered-in-cat-spit type thing.

manos cowl

It turned out pretty, but itchy. So not really in the spirit that the pattern was written, since it was supposed to be this sinful thing that you never want to take off. I wanted to take it off pretty much right after I put it on.


But it will come in quite handy for robbing banks.

The pattern calls for bulky-weight cashmere. I could only afford worsted-weight wool. (Hence the need to rob banks.) So I changed the stitch count from 72 to 84. That’s it. The cowl is just feather-and-fan, so it’s pretty dang simple. I cornily knit from the pattern though, because I bought the yarn from Wildfiber, and the pattern designer Mel Clark used to own Wildfiber. She doesn’t anymore; she’s gone back to New Zealand. And I have a crazy feeling that if she DID still own Wildfiber, I wouldn’t have paid $36 for a single skein of Sock Hop.

No, I’m not still bitter or anything.

But speaking of Sock Hop, I did recently score some from the original source, Crown Mountain Farms.

I got two skeins of Sunshine of Your Love,

sock hop sunshine

(Look! It’s yellow! I bought something yellow! I apologize to all who will be inconvenienced, but Hell will be freezing over soon.)

…and two skeins of Wild Horses.

sock hop wild horses 2

I love love love the Sunshine of Your Love, but I’m not so wild about Wild Horses.

(Ugh. I should be flogged for that. Sorry.)

sock hop wild horses

I dunno, it just turned out to be more orange than I expected. So I’m looking to trade it for another colorway of Sock Hop. Any takers? Leave a comment or email me at thechemgrrl AT gmail DOT com (filling in the appropriate symbol bits for those capital letters, of course). Or catch up with me at Ravelry, here.

For now I’ll be dreaming away on what to do with the Sunshiny skeins. Just plain socks? Ribbing? Cables? Laciness? Garter stitch?

Ahhh the planning, she is much of the fun.