And I heylped!

green forked sock 2

This lovely little number is These Socks Are Forked, by Kalani Craig. Which I test knit (test knitted?) for this knitting group bud o mine. So the main attraction on these socks is not the beautiful pattern (believe it or not) but the heel. The heel’s the forked part.

green forked sock forks

Can you see it? There are two sets of short rows in there. It is amazingly clever, since this then makes a heel shape that actually looks like a heel! Damn me if I didn’t take any pictures of sock without foot in it. But it curves out. Trust me. Go take off your shoes and socks and look at your heel. It doesn’t go straight up and down, does it? Nope, it curves out then back in. And this heel does that too. Nifty, eh?

But the whole sock’s just so dang pretty.

green forked sock front 2

That center column is a bunch of twisty stitches. Kalani said it’s flames coming off of columns of smoke, but I think it looks more like leaves growing off a climbing vine. I guess the fact that I knit mine in green maybe influenced that a bit.

green forked sock twisty column

And then the pattern flows beautifully into the top ribbing.

green forked sock ribbing

I knit mine in Socks that Rock lightweight, jade. Well, my ONE sock, I should say. I have to do the second one, still. But for test knitting purposes, I’ve fufilled my duty. Yay, go buy the pattern now! It’s here on Ravelry. And if you’re not on Ravelry yet (what are you, living under something large and rock-like? You only have to wait two days to get in now!), you can contact the designer of this fabulousness on her blog here.

In other-things-green news, I finished my craft room this weekend!

crafty room

Sorry for the seriously el-crapsto pictures. My camera was NOT cooperating this morning. But you get the general idea, eh?

For my birthday, El Blubbo surprised me with shelf parts. To make Shaker-type shelves. Like the ones I had in my room in Orange, that I hearted. So that’s why I painted a couple of weeks ago. And now the shelves are done and I have a lovely Den ‘O Craftiness. Yay!

crafty room 2

Good Gawd, those pictures are awful. (And the color looks so bad in them! It’s really pear green. Like the color of a Bartlett pear.) I am very happy with it. Except I’m kind of an idiot, and didn’t really think about how high up to the put shelves. The blub held them up and said, “Here?” And I said “Sure.” But see that magazine rack thing there? I actually had to cut off the top. Because it was too friggin tall to fit up there! I also misjudged how tall my sewing machine was and tried to put in up there too. Then, as I was up on a stepstool and holding the dang thing above my head, I discovered that the top bobbin was about 1/4″ too tall for the shelf. And then I had to bring the sewing machine down. Quickly. And like the complete and total moron that I am, I used my thigh to break its fall so I wouldn’t drop the blasted thing.

Do you know how much sewing machines weigh? Ow.

So now I have a gimpy leg AND a gimpy arm. (Kalani and I did the above sock photo shoot after she came with me to get a tetanus shot the other day, which I had to get because I rolled over on a wasp in my sleep last Sunday night and the stupid thing stung me. Twice. Which caused me to pass out on the bathroom floor, where I was dutifully applying Benedryl to my stings. I guess passing out’s a symptom of anaphylactic shock, so I went to the doctor the next day. And he said I don’t have a true bee allergy, but he gave me a prescription for an Epi-pen since I live so far from the hospital. And he also said that I needed a tetanus shot, since I basically got stuck twice with a dirty needle, and I hadn’t had one in 18 years. And Kalani said she needed one too, and went with me to get one since I’m kind of scared of needles. Isn’t she nice? Anyway, THE POINT is that my arm still hurts. End of story.)

Um. I’ve totally lost my train of thought. So I guess I’ll just sum up: sock pretty, go get pattern; I’m sore, I’ll go knit.

Over and out.