So I’ve been feeling a bit meh lately. I think it’s the aftermath of the test knitting sock frenzy, plus the midnight wasp stand-off, plus the great sewing machine debacle. (And speaking of that? My bruise is pretty. It’s all purple and red and yellow and green. If it weren’t so gross, I’d take a picture of it.)

My point is that after the excitement of the past couple of weeks, I’m feeling a bit…let down. Bored. Ennuish. You know.

But I have finally gotten back to knitting my fall sweater.

rabid sleeve monster

Not that you can tell from my picture, but it’s the #77 Vine Lace Top Down Cardigan by SweaterBabe. It doesn’t look much like a sweater right now. In fact, it looks more like a rabid tweed monster with arms. I am almost done knitting the sleeves, though, so I can soon get back to the more interesting body.

vine cardigan sleeve

Because the body has this cute little vine lace pattern. That you can kind of see if you squint and look at it sideways. And have a lot of liquor.

vine lace sort of

See that along the left side there? Yeah. I’m hoping that blocks out a little better.

All in all, it’s been a nice sweater to knit so far. The pattern calls for Lamb’s Pride Bulky, which I can’t even be in the same room with. (I’m allergic to mohair. To me, mohair = seductive evil. So pretty! But so itchy!) So to be a good girl and stash-bust, I’m using some yarn that I’ve had hiding under the couch for quite awhile.

remaining nice yarn

It’s Jo Sharp Silk Road Aran Tweed, in dusk. It’s heavenly. Soft and squishy and tweedy and silky, all at the same time. I’m knitting the XXL size to make up for the gauge difference, and it seems to be working out okay so far. Yay for top-down sweaters.

I got the yarn ages and ages and ages ago, back when I was silly. You see, this yarn was originally meant to be a Blub Sweater. And the trouble with the blub, is that he wears his sweaters like outerwear. That is, during the winter, he wears the same one every single day.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that, mind you. But I just figured out, after I had knit a lot of this yarn into a blub-sized sweater, that there was no way this soft and pretty yarn would stand up to the blub’s special brand of abuse. So I frogged the sweater. Even though all I had left to do was finish the collar shaping and sew it up. (I hated it anyway. It was a big ploofy drop shouldered sweater-from-hell.) I ended up knitting him a Cobblestone Sweater instead, which he likes and it’s wearing pretty well so far.

So I’m really glad that I can use this yarn finally. But I have an, er, small problem. When I frogged the sweater? I just rolled it up into a ball. And because I had split-spliced the yarn together as I was knitting the blub’s sweater, this turned out to be a really really big ball.


A few really really big balls, actually. (IU basketball team signed ball included for scale.)

I have, as of this morning, used up all the Jo Sharp that remained in unknitted balls. Now I get to put these babies back into hanks, wash them and dry them to remove the kinkiness, and rewind them into balls. Grand.

Erm. Anybody else want me to test knit socks for them? Anyone?