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los mittens

I’m really starting to love this whole mitten knitting thing.

Fibonacci mittens (Rav them!)
Pattern: Mitered Mittens (May) by the great and powerful person who wrote the helping friendly book (EZ)
Yarn: Brown Sheep Shepherd’s Shades, about 0.35 skein each of wild indigo and split pea
Started: September 22
Finished: October 11

From Knitter’s Almanac: Let’s make them in May; let’s take our time over them; let’s venture into new approaches and designs; let’s enjoy them.

Ha ha, EZ I thwart you! Well, just about the May part. I suppose making mittens in September/October is similarly practical, since it’s certainly warmer now than it usually is in May. (Yesterday, it was 85 F here. No need for mittens quite yet.) But I did venture into new approaches and designs. And I did, most certainly, enjoy them. Oh yes.


So you may have noticed the name of my little wooly darlings: the Fibonacci mittens. That’s because the stripe pattern is based on the Fibonacci series. Remember that from grade school? 1,1,2,3,5,8,13…et cetera. Each number in the series is the sum of the two before it. I started with the 13s at the wrists (I did each number twice, once with each stripe color) then worked up to the 1s at the tips.

pom-less tips

One stripe, two stripe, green stripe, blue stripe?

It has been pointed out to me by the blub, then verified by Kalani, that this particular stripe sequence makes my mittens look somewhat Seussian. Do you think? Maybe. But I do know that their color combination plus nice silly stripies plus long pointiness makes me giggle with glee.

But when I finished them, I realized I hadn’t gone quite far enough. So upping the ante on the silly factor, I added pom-poms to the tips.

poms that dangle


mitten with pom

Oh man. These are the Best. Mittens. Ever.

mitten's eye view

Okay, let’s talk mods.

Oh wait, let’s talk yarn first.

I found this yarn, Brown Sheep Shepherd’s Shades, in the sale room of my LYS for $5 a ball. Love! It’s so…sheepy! And warm and thick and squishy! And sticky–it would be great for steeking.

filling in for velcro

Behold the sticky power! Yeah, they’re defying gravity there. Stuck right to the bark on that tree.

The SS is listed as a bulky (?) but I found it knitted up to more of a heavy worsted. So I cast on 36 sts instead of the 48 suggested in the pattern. (Although we all know that everything is just a suggestion in EZ’s patterns. She wants to make sure we use our GAUGE, like Death from the Discworld books is speaking. GAUGE, don’t ignore your GAUGE.) (SQUEAK!)

I also did a gusset thumb ala Kathryn Ivy. I like those better than those afterthought thumb thingies. Your thumb doesn’t stick out of your palm! So why should your mitten’s thumb?


I find myself wanting to cast on for another pair just like this. How crazy is that? I’m trying to think of people that need mittens for Christmas, but coming up blank. Maybe my friend Jolene, but that’s about it. (And you’re lucky you live in a warm clime, weez, or a pair would be headed your way!)

los dangling poms

Too bad. Since now I can’t stop singing

Trim up the tree with Christmas stuff
Like bingle balls, and whofoo fluff
Trim up the town with goowho gums and bizilbix and wums…

P.S. Do you realize that I just talked about Dr. Seuss, Fibonacci, Terry Pratchett, and Elizabeth Zimmerman, all in the same blog post? I should get some kind of award for that.

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