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Thing one: Carrie over at We Do Not Have a Knitting Problem gave me an award awhile back:

Why, zank you darlink!

So I’m supposed to now link to four blogs that I love. Well, I love way more than four, but I think rising to the top are the blogs of my knitter-partners-in-crime, the swell gals in my knitting group.

all buttoned up
Elliphantom knits
Feather and Fan

although Orata moved away to silly ‘ol Wisconsin. Pbbbt. That’s the sad part of living in a college town, though. You make lots of nice friends, then they finish school and move away (or in Orata’s case, her boyfriend finishes school). I have TONS of friends all over the country, but only a few here. Sad.

But speaking of friends in other places, I get to meet the nice awarder herself, Carrie, this weekend! I’m going to Palo Alto for a conference, but we’re going to knock over a couple of yarn stores together too. Yay!

Thing two (or things two, I should say)

‘Tis the time of year for weenie monsters.


she's just sleepy

I think that second one is the weirdest weenie monster I’ve ever made. I like her, although she doesn’t really stand up so straight. The blub is quite fond of Numero Uno up there. I do like his tentacles. And you can’t tell in that picture, but he has four arms. I imagine they’ll come in quite handy.

Thing three:

Happy Mole Day! This wasn’t a forgotten thing. How could I, of all people, forget that?

Thing four:

Oh yeah. I had a blogiversary. In September. Whups. It was number two. So I’m celebrating with something poopy.

shawl 1

My Shetland triangle shawl. It’s made of Joseph Galler prime alpaca, in nutmeg. And try as I might, I cannot wear this around my neck. It itches the shit out of me. So…anybody want it? I’ll throw in the remainder of the yarn as well. I won’t lie; I have worn this a couple of times. But I’d love to wash it and re-block it and send it to a happy home.

If you fancy this scarf, just leave me a comment with your favorite poo joke. If you don’t know a poo joke, just say ‘poo’ a few times. I’ll pick someone at random on uuummmmm, next Tuesday. That’s October 28th. Hopefully it won’t be as poopy for someone else as it’s been for me.


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