Here is my standing-in-line-waiting-to-vote sock before I went in my polling place:


And here it is after:


Yeah, it didn’t even leave my purse. No line! At all! It was in and out in approximately six minutes. (And not even a cigarette after.) From what they’ve been saying on the radio, you’d think that anarchy was about to descend on the greater Bloomington area. I did go a little bit later, at about 9:30. But sheesh! Way to make a big deal out of nothing.

Campus is a bit crazy, though.


There are balloons and chalked messages on about every flat surface and people everywhere with clipboards and buttons and maps to the local polling places. The lower set up of festivity up there bonked me on the head as I walked past. They’re so enthusiastic, those young voters! Supposedly there’s a guy around from MSNBC too, interviewing people on campus. Indiana’s not usually important as far as elections go, but this year it might actually go blue. That hasn’t happened since something like 1964, apparently.

But if one more person asks me if I voted yet, I swear I’m gonna go buckwheat. Read the sticker, for Pete’s sake!