undoing wicked 002

Recognize that sweater? No? Then let me give you a hint.

Yep, I’m ripping out my Wicked. I rarely wear the thing, but last week I actually pulled it off the sweater shelf and wore it to school.

Then I was reminded why I never wear the thing.

It’s too short. It’s too wide. And the neckline could probably accommodate at least six more people, a small child, and a ferret.

But other than all those annoying little details, I really like it. Cuteness factor? Check. Yarn love? Totally off-scale. (Blue Moon Fiber Arts Twisted–the stuff that dreams are made of. And nice sweaters.)

So I decided I needed a do-over.

undoing wicked 004

Bye-bye old, ill-fitting Wicked! Hello to new, more negative ease and longer length and smaller-than-the-national-debt neckline Wicked.

undoing wicked 006

(Okay, that’s still the old one. But I had one more picture.)

I’m actually not finished ripping the old one out yet. I got up to the armpits, then realized, “Hey, it might have been a good idea to rip out the sleeves first, since they’re knitting from the top down. Yes, genius-girl?”

So yeah. That’s still waiting to happen. Sitting on my swift too, since I want to wash the yarn before I re-knit with it. No gauge issues allowed here, no sir! Wicked part deux is going to be bloody perfect. Because I say so.

In other news, I’ve finally finished all my coursework for that Science Writing class I’ve been taking. Yaaaaay! I can have a life again! Well, the sort of half-life that grad students have. But I can actually knit in the evenings again, woo-hoo! I do still have to try to package one story to sell (and get paid real money for, woot), but that’s it. And that’s not happening until after Christmas.

And speaking of Christmas, seekrit projeck numero dos is finished! Yay again! Take a gander here on Ravelry, iffen you feel so inclined. The object in question still needs to be blocked, so I need to figure out how to do that in stealth-mode. Then I will take some not-so-crappy pictures. But yay, all Xmas knitting is done!

Next: I cast on for a sweater. Tonight, perhaps. So exciting, no?