Yessiree bob, it’s time to unveil those sneaky Christmas knits.

Seekrit projeck numero uno was for my Dad. And no, it wasn’t a thong. It was a very nice and sproingy scarf. I just hope now he throws away that ratty old scarf I made him about four years ago, that pilled and rolled and generally looked like a maroon piece of shit hanging about his neck. This one’s much better looking. As you can see, he was super duper happy with it.

Dad with scarf

That charming young man in the background is my little brother. Yes ladies, he’s single.

The pattern is the Triumph Cable Scarf by SmarieK, and I used the most fantastically wonderifous yarn in the whole universe to knit it. It’s di.Ve’ Zenith, and it’s squishtastic. It’s also cheaptastic—I got it at WEBS for $3.99 a ball, and now because of their year-end sale, it’s even cheaper. I wish I could afford to go buy several sweaters’ worth, because I LURVE this stuff. It’s a cabled twelve-ply, and it’s round and plump and very, very soft. Supposedly, according to the vast Ravelry/internet research I did, it also doesn’t pill. That was a must for this scarf—I don’t want it looking like grey poo in two months, like the last one. Oh yeah, and it’s superwash too, so he won’t accidentally felt it. Yay for that.


I liked the pattern, although I did want to gouge out my eyes after knitting it for awhile. But I always want to do that when I knit long straight scarves, so you can take that how you will. The only mod I made to the pattern was to add an i-cord edging to both ends. It looks more finished that way, I think. Yes?

scarf end

One last thing. It grew. Before blocking, it was a compact and perfect five feet. (That’s using every inch of four balls of the Zenith, 480 yards.) After blocking? Six and a half. Yikes, dude. It also kind of stretched out width-wise. I was a bit bummed, since it was so squishy and thick before blocking. I suppose I could have foreseen that if I had, I don’t know, blocked my swatch. But why on earth would I want to do a thing like that?

Anyway, prognosis WIN. Dad happy. Me happy.

And speaking of me happy, I also got some lovely candy in my stocking for Christmas!

candy in my stocking

Sock Candy
, that is. Black, er, orange gold.

Weezalana sent this to me, isn’t she sweet? She knows I lovecravecovet the difficult to find Blue Moon Fiber Arts sock candy, so she sent me some. I was good and waited until Christmas to open it. And squee! It was prettier than I thought it was going to be. Thank you uber oodles, Weez! This almost makes up for that fun fur I gave you that time, don’tcha think?

Unveiling of seekrit projeck number two next time. The DNA socks. Oy vey.