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Or is it, when you have a cold, knit feverishly?

Yes, I think that’s it.


Marlene (Rav it! Love it!)
Pattern: Marlene by Cookie A. from knit 1 fall/winter 2008
Yarn: Hazel Knits Artisan sock, pacific, one skein with oodles left over
Needle: US 2, 2.75 mm
Started: December 30, 2008
Finished: January 10, 2009
For: my precious tootsies
Mods: not a single one

So I had a cold last weekend. Not wanting to do much, I grabbed my knitting and hunkered down on the couch.

And then, I didn’t get up again.

Marlenes flat

Until I had some socks.

Oh, and what socks they were! Perfect in every way! The yarn! The pattern! The finished product! They make me want to…to…

She’s going to tell! (She’s going to tell)
She’s going to tell! (She’s going to tell)
She’s going to tell! (She’s going to tell)

…all right, all right. No singing. But poetry!

Oh Marlene, Marlene.
You are my queen.
Your shade of perfect blue-y green
Sets off your twisted rib so keen
My love for you sits in my spleen
I want to knit you again and ageen
Oh Marlene
My sweet Marlene

Wow, BAD poetry. Never mind, look at the socks.

Marlenes flexy toe

So the start and finish dates up there are a bit misleading. I did technically start these on December 30. But that was beginning these on a 1, getting through the ribbing, thinking maybe it seemed a bit stiff, swatching with 2s, then ripping it out and starting over. Then I knit the ribbing and part of the first pattern repeat, and put them down again.

Then I picked them up and finished both socks in five days. I’m telling you. Love.

Marlenes whee swing

They’re a typical Cookie A. pattern, with all of the twisted ribbing. Which I heart. She even made it go all the way to the toes.

Marlene toe

And down the heel flap.

Marlenes heel kind of

(That’s the best picture I could get, sorry. El blubbo wasn’t home-o.)

And the yarn is FABULOUS. It’s a lot like Lorna’s, but with a tighter twist. So hopefully it’ll wear better than Lorna’s, which gets pilly way too fast in my opinion. But the Hazel knits is so so soft, and has beautiful crisp stitch definition. I wish I had gotten more. So I guess I’ll just have to come back out there, right Carrie? Say yes. Because LOOK at this.

Marlenes zee arty shot

Yes. Yes. A thousand times, yes.

I followed the pattern exactly with these, and they are most wonderful. (Although there is an error–it says to knit the toe plain, but the picture clearly has the ribbed toe. And the errata says, and I quote “‘Shape the toe’ can be worked continuation of the ribbing as shown or in St st as written.” Gee, thanks.)

I mean seriously, there is nothing I don’t love about these socks. Look how perfect they are with my mary janes!

Marlenes in shoes

(Ignore gross floor–that’s in the lab. No ten second rule around here.)

See how perfectly the last repeat lines up with the toe of my shoe? A match made in heaven. These socks were a hugemongous fabulous win in my book. Go knit them. Now. That is an order.

So that whirlwind romance with Marlene made me do a crazy thing–pull my Monkeys back out of hibernation. (Holy crap that was a long time ago.) Will the love last? Too soon to tell…

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