But I’ve gotten some lovely sock yarn lately, so let’s make today a Yarn Pron Friday, shall we?

Malabrigo sock in Impressionist sky

Malabrigo sock. Impressionist sky. So very very pretty. It was from ChickenKnits! I won one of her (many) blog contests. I’m trying to decide what this is going to be, since I seem to be sock-obsessed lately. (Go look at my Ravelry queue, especially pages five and six if you don’t believe me.) I’m thinking maybe Django for these. But I dunno yet.

I forget what this is

I had to call home and get the blub out of bed to tell me what this is. Cause I kept forgetting to look. But–da da da da! Mystery solved! It’s Hand Painted Knitting Yarns Donegal Sock! In Daphne. I got it at Loopy Yarns when I was in Chicago about two weeks back. (The new site for the store is lovely.) The very nice sales lady assured me it would wear like iron. Plus it’s handpainted and tweedy. How rock awesome is that? I’m thinking the Lakehouse socks for this one, since my last attempt at them failed miserably. They looked like this.

cheery yellow sock

But now they look like this.

f&f is pretty in handspun

Because I ripped them out and started a different sock. I really like the Lakehouse socks, but with my larger gauge the increase rate for the instep was just too fast. And I’m too lazy to figure out what it should be. So it went bye-bye. But I’m quite happy with how the yarn (Crown Mountain Farms Sock Hop in Sunshine of Your Love) re-entered the world.

fiery orata socks

The stitch pattern is a simple feather-and-fan. So I’m calling them my orata socks.

my socks match the fire!

Isn’t it cool how they match the fire? I really like the way they’re working up. I chucked a forked heel a-la Kalani Craig in there too, so maybe I should be calling them my knitting group socks. The heel is a most excellent match for these socks. I tried them on after I finished knitting it and…foomph. Perfect. Fit. It’s like God’s Own Chosen Heel. I felt like Cinderella trying on that glass slipper. Faboo.

I’m actually up to where I would normally start the top ribbing, but I have a ton of yarn left. And a whole other ball for the second sock. So I’m kinda thinking knee socks. Maybe. Perhaps. It’s conceivable. (Believable.)

In other knitting news, both my of current WIP sweaters have gone to beddy-bye la la land. Yep. Buried them deep. That would be this one.

the never ending sweaterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Which is almost done. I’m on the bottom ribbing for a top-down sweater for purgatory’s sake. All I have to do is finish that, then knit the collar and pockets. But…meh. I’m tired of it. Besides, think how happy I’ll be in the fall when I pull it out and finish it in two days! Um, yeah. That’s what I keep telling myself.

The other sweater never even saw the light of the blog. But it’s an aran-weight angora blend. I don’t think I’ll be wanting to work on that when it’s above 50 F or so. So they both go TTFN.

But I am pulling out two card carrying members of the ghost-of-sweaters-past to take their place.

Sweater A: the top-down hourglass. The one in sock yarn.

top down HG

Doubled sock yarn. I’m actually a bit farther than that, but not by much. According to Ravelry, I started this on February 11, 2008. So I guess it’s due.

Sweater B is even older. Anyone remember this one?

ariann sweater sleeves attached

And what became of it?

frogged sweater

Yeah, it’s Ariann. Out of frustration, I shoved this in a sack almost two years ago. Hmm. Time to give it a second chance, yes? Getting it back on the needles is going to be a titch hairy. But then I just have to knit the yoke and it’s done. Yay.

And speaking of done things, did I mention here that I sold a freelance article awhile back? Well, I did. Now that’s done too. Super-yay with big piles of zipper on top! And even more yay for the paycheck. :)