Okay. Fine. You have spoken. The blub gets the hat.

the gay smurf

I hope you’re happy.

The final results:

Totally fruity, but let him have it: 22
He rocks that hat in a non-gay way, let him have it: 18
Overdye the thing (an excellent suggestion, which the blub is pondering): 2
Um, hide the hat (and call the Village People): 7

In his acceptance speech, the blub thanked all of you. And stressed that he is very secure in his sexuality.

So yeah.

The winner of the yarny prize, via random.org: CBear!

Email me your new address please, CBear! I only have the old one.

And lookit what I got in the mail yesterday.

luxury tweed the arty shot

Debbie Bliss Luxury tweed. It has angora in it. OOOooooooooohhhhh, I lovelovelovelovelove this yarn. Three balls, I got. Two of slate grey, one of green. In time, they will be a hat. For now, they are lovingly being turned into a swatch. And dayum, am I taking my time about it. Each stitch is a dream. When I win the lottery, I’m knitting myself a sweater out of this stuff.

And speaking of winning, check out what I picked up at my family’s white elephant gift exchange yesterday!

little froggy, foot lover

You stick your feets in those little slots there, push down, and it vibrates. And as the blub quickly discovered, where you push depends on how fast it goes. Ain’t it classy? I had to steal it away from my aunt to get it, but you know what? Totally worf it.