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Hey everybody. Just stopping by real quick like to say a few things.

Thing One: Kelpie is doing okay. She’s not great, but she’s not worse either. But she has started eating again, and stopped hiding behind things. She’s also interacting with us again, which makes me have hope. I do still need to talk to the vet to see what she thinks, but I’ll keep ya updated.

Thing Two: I want to thank each and every person for their comments and sympathy and just general loving-awesomeness on my last post. I was feeling pretty low; you may have picked up on that. :) But your lovely comments made me feel so much better. Thank you. Really very much. I will answer all of your comments individually, in time.

Thing Three: My non-knitting life has picked WAY up. I have a book review coming out in a MAJOR science journal soon–my deadline’s the day after tomorrow in fact, aaaaack! I’m also writing a second, much longer article. My research is also going great guns right now. I’m in the final stretch of my PhD; I really, really hope to finish this year, but still have mounds of work to do. So I’m doing it. A lot. Head down, nose to the grind, all that crapola. So I guess what I’m saying here is expect to see a lot less of me in the coming months. (But watch, once I’ve said that publicly I’ll start posting every other day. That would be just like me.) I’ll still be here–I’m not going away! I’ll just be around less. And hopefully I’ll still be reading and commenting on your blogs as well, although I haven’t been lately. For some reason when I get sad, I clam up. But hopefully I’ll get over that. ANYway, don’t forget me, please! I’ll be back. (Said in Terminator like voice. Except cuter.)

Okay, that was all. Wish me luck!

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