You may or may not have noticed, but I haven’t really been blogging much lately.

Yeah, I know what I said before. I’ve been busy. Yup, this is true. But that book review is done and printed (it was in Science a few weeks back, squee). And although I have been working a lot more lately, I haven’t been so busy that I couldn’t blog.

So here’s the real issue: el mojo is el gone-o.

And the funny thing? It’s not just the blogging. It’s the knitting, too. I’ve barely been doing it.

I don’t know what the deal is. In the past when this has happened, I’ve knit some dishcloths or something like that, then I wanted to pick my needles back up again. This time? No dice. The only thing I’ve really been knitting is this.


They are squares. They are for a blanket. They are neat.

I saw a Gee’s Bend quilt in the paper a few months ago that was fantastically rock awesome. And I said, I wonder if I can knit that? So I am. Not replicating it exactly, more knitting a blanket inspired by it. I also managed to buy and trade for enough Karabella Aurora 8 worsted weight to make a good sized throw (for really not that much money). It’s squishily delicious and a dream to knit. But I find I’m not really picking it up that often. Just don’t feel like it. It’s a sad and strange state of affairs for me.

I guess I’ll get over it eventually. But I’m slowly slowly making new squares. Oh, also! I’m still looking for single balls of Aurora 8 in bright colors if anyone has any they want to trade or sell. Here’s my trade page on Ravelry. I’m also thinking it’s time to cull the stash, so I might be open to sell/trade stuff NOT on my trade pages. I dunno, try me.

I have been playing in some dirt. I finally got some flowers planted on the front porch.

celosia planter

potted portulacahanging portulaca

That’s just some of them. I think it looks nice. I like it.

The garden is also doing well. It’s been hot as shit and humid as, well, water. It’s also been quite rainy at night, which is just about ideal tomato weather. And they look fantastic. Unfortunately, so do the weeds, which have about reached critical mass. I’ve decided that this doesn’t really bother me–they tend to be in the paths, not in the beds. I can live with that. But only up to a point. When it cools down a bit, like it’s supposed to later this week, I may forgo pulling for taking them down with the weed whacker.

In other news, Kelpie’s still hanging in there.


But she gets a little worse every day. I find myself thinking that I might soon have to make a really hard decision. I’d really rather not think about that.

So instead I’m daydreaming about toy patterns. One of my verygoodbestest friends had a baby awhile back (she named her Stella, is that cute or what?) and this baby needs a knitted toy. I have a few ideas, but I’d love to get some weird suggestions from my weird readers. I’m seriously considering a dangercrafts monster, but I could be swayed. Leave your idea in the comments and I’ll love you forever.

K, bye bye now.