Okay. I swear I’m not putting this up just to get attention. But it’s my birthday today. And I’m pretty grumpy.

Why? Ah, just crap. The same work crap. The blub quit his job (long story, but I think he’ll get another one that pays better and has benefits really soon). He also has to get some fairly serious dental work done, which is going to be expensive. My brother is in Iraq, and I’m worried about him (and my SIL, who is at home with 3 kids under 5). Our refrigerator is crapping out on us, which cheated me out of birthday pancakes this morning because I refuse to eat the eggs and milk in there even though Nels insists they’re fine. Dude, they were at 50 F overnight. They are not fine.

All in all, things are not THAT bad. We’re coping. And we’re all healthy–things could be a lot worse. But I’ve decided to lift myself out of funk by posting some things that I like.

Thing One: Sarah Haskins and Target Women. Here’s the one from this week. Timely, no?

Thing Two: Sockington. Are you on Twitter? You need to follow this cat. Especially watch this video.

Thing Three: Sundara Yarn. (Well, duh. Who doesn’t?) I got myself some sock yarn from Year in Color: July. Toasted orange over pistachio, it’s all the way at the bottom. But I won’t get it until midway through September, yaarg! (BTW: what the hell is a toasted orange?)

Thing Four: My new phone. I got this one and I heart it. It flips open sideways. Nifty. (Thanks, Dad!)

fall blooming lilies

Thing Five: That my fall blooming lilies have been open since July.

Thing Six: Cupcakes. Specifically chocolate peanut butter cupcakes that my coworker made for me today. I will go eat one right now.

Yum and bye.