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It is frustrating to be hopelessly behind.

You all, as knitters, know this. That Christmas present for your mom turns into a birthday present (in June) turns into next year’s Christmas present. That baby sweater ends up in the frog pond because by the time you get to the sleeves, the kid’s three. And in this case, a ‘yay, you’re born!’ present turns into a ‘yay, you’re five months old!’ gift.

At least she couldn’t outgrow it. That’s why I like knitting toys.


Little ‘Puter! rav it
Pattern: Error, by by Anna Hrachovec
Yarn: Karabella Aurora 8, two skeins of gray that ended up not matching each other but who the hell cares, a bit of teal
Needle: US 5
Begun: I have no ruddy clue, except it was waaaaay before my niece was born
Finished: August 18th, 2011
For: Baby Bryce

Did I even mention on the blog when Bryce was born? I don’t remember. It was in March, when I was still in NY. She’s the daughter of my little brother, five months old now, and incontestably the cutest baby in the known universe.


Seriously. Try to argue with me.

Both my brother and sister-in-law are computery geek types, so when I saw this pattern I HAD to make it for their first spawn. She really likes it. And who can blame her? It turned out so soft and squishy.



I think the biggest change I made to the pattern was to skip the stupid intarsia and sew a felt heart on the screen instead. Oh I tried it at first. But I made my floats too short and it came out looking like a giant pile of ostrich doody, on a day it ate red yarn and then some quaaludes. So I ripped that out, reknit the screen and tried to put the heart on by duplicate stitch. That, if anything, looked worse (think ostrich + red yarn + crystal meth and too much Jersey Shore). So I gave up and cut a heart out of pink felt.


I did the eyes in felt as well. I don’t think those “safety eyes” are very safe for babies, especially in knitting. It’s pretty easy to pull them out, and Bryce is at the stage where she puts everything in her mouth.

I didn’t knit the mouse, mostly because I ran out of yarn. I also sewed the back of the monitor to the keyboard, even though the directions only say to sew the fronts together. I couldn’t figure out why, since that would make for a very floppy computer. Here’s a side view.


For those of you who are asking in your heads hey, is Aurora 8 machine washable? I say this: I don’t have a clue. It says it is on the label, but people argue with that. I meant to wash a swatch before I started knitting and…I forgot to. And as you can see, I already gave her the thing. So I hope she doesn’t barf on it too much. But hey, I can always make another if the first gets ruined. Such is the power of knitting.

Happy birthday, Brycie! Sorry it was late. But you’d better get used to that, kid. Love and smoochies, Auntie Chemgrrl.

Just a quick update…this blog is now run by DR. CHEMGRRL.

I defended my PhD on Wednesday. YAY x 10^79

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