Hoo-wee-bob did I have a fun morning! The weather is complete crap here today, as it is in most of the Midwest/East Coast. Sleet followed by freezing rain followed by snow followed by more freezing rain. Ick. So many schools were closed that the guy on the radio this morning said, “Why don’t I just read the schools that AREN’T closed?” Then he read one name.

Anyway, so I was stuck at home for a bit today. Since I live out in the sticks, our roads are the very last to be plowed. I drove out to the main road at 8, and there was an inch of solid ice on top. So I went back home and tried to make myself some tea. Then the blub told me we were actually out of propane (oops! he said) so I couldn’t use the oven. So I popped some water in the microwave, dug the Thin Mints out of the freezer, and sat down to knit. All-in-all, not really a bad morning.

The blub drove me into town at 11 in our nice AWD car. The plow still hadn’t come by that point, but we had gotten tired of waiting. Plus, I was getting hungry. Cookies are all well and good, but sometimes they just don’t hit bottom, ya know? Anyway, that’s my very exciting tale for today. Somebody call the New Yorker–I’m sure they’ll be itching to publish this crap.

So yeah. It’s Friday. Here’s what I’ve been

Reading (hey look! it’s on sale!)

Listening to


Watching. I do love them so.

But today’s REALLY exciting news is that there’s a new yarn store in town! That’s opening today! Now we will have TWO! Hey, I know for you high-falutin types in big cities, that’s chump change. But us country-type gals get all twitter-pated over this. I’m taking off early to go over there. And don’t you worry about the yarn diet! I suspended it for today. Besides, I managed to sell some stuff at Ravelry, so I have a little room and some cash to spare. Yay.

Here’s the website for the place. Look at the store photos! Did you see the sock yarn? I’m very interested in those end cap bins. I have a feeling they will be somewhat less full by the time I’m done with them. :) I guess they’ll be doing online orders too, at some point, so keep them in mind. I very much want them to stay open.

So yay, that’s all for today. I’m taking my camera with me later, so do expect a full Yarn Store Report. Until then…