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So I’m just biting the bullet, here, and doing the Odessa post. The dang hat has been done for awhile, but we’ve had nasty weather or the blub and I haven’t been simultaneously home during daylight hours to take pictures. So you get crappy ones. And I mean really crappy.

Odessa on a bowl

Odessa on a bowl
Pattern: Odessa, by Grumperina
Yarn: Sublime Cashmere Merino Silk Aran in graphite (18), about 1.5 balls (and size 6 beads, don’t know how many—about a quarter of the tube, I think)
Begun: November 20-ish
Finished: November 25
Recipient: my SIL
Mods: Odessa calls for a DK weight yarn. I accidentally got worsted weight, so I did 2 fewer repeats (CO for 90 sts). I also made the ribbing a titch longer than the pattern called for (I think I did 1.5 inches instead of 1 inch or something like that), because it seems that a lot of people on Ravelry wished theirs had been longer. I did my homework! Yay for me.

I did take more than the bowl shots. I tried to do the mirror self-portrait thing, but it did not turn out well.

I'm supah freaky!Sigh...Odessa model

You can tell from these pictures that this hat looks just plain silly on me. I have no hair to stick cutely out the bottom, so it makes my head look…penile. With beads.

My SIL, on the other hand, looks cute in everything. I’m serious. I’ve never ever seen a bad picture of her, or seen her in person looking less than gorgeous. It’s so annoying! If she wasn’t so sweet and funny, I’d probably resent her. So it goes without saying that she’ll look really really cute in this hat. I hope she likes it. The yarn is fabulous! It’s very soft, and also warm and squishy. Plus it has this luminous quality from the silk that didn’t come though in my craptastic pictures. I guess you’ll just have to take my word for it on that.

I also finished Elijah.

Elijah drying

He had a little bath, and now he’s warming his tootsies in front of the fire. I was letting him wander about the house wet, but I was afraid he’d catch cold, so into the drying chair he went. Plus, he kept smacking into the furniture. He can’t see a blasted thing, since I haven’t embroidered on his eyes yet. I have to go find a tutorial on doing the French knot thing, since the descriptions I could find in my knitting books were just NOT cutting it. Hopefully he’ll dry quickly, so I can finish him up. I think he will—woodstoves are so handy sometimes! Like this morning, when I was toasting my breakfast bagel in the oven, and we ran out of propane. We’re on a tank system, being out in the sticks. Anyway, I just popped it on top of the woodstove, and 10 minutes later, wa-la! Toasty goodness.


Enough tangeting. Bye now.

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